You Mean Those Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories are True?

It was common for the media and Democratic politicians to label everything coming out of the Trump Administration and the Republican congress as either a lie or a conspiracy theory. We all know that the media and most politicians are great at spinning the facts or not reporting all sides of a story to goose their own narrative. A good reason not to trust either as far as you can throw them.

But we find it amazing how the corporate media and the Biden administration are having to eat some crow now that several truths are emerging that completely contradict several of their claims of “conspiracy theory.” Now that Biden is in office, it seems they are not so farfetched. Let’s look a few that are coming to light:

  • Antifa is real and hurting minority communities. Despite reporter Andy Ngo being assaulted and nearly killed (twice) while reporting on Antifa in Portland and seeing first hand the violence on video, Candidate Biden insisted Antifa was “an idea not an organization.” A New York Post reporter said that Antifa was a social justice movement “hijacked” by anarchists and violent criminals ignoring the fact those types have been part of the movement from the beginning. The Post also ran several articles blaming the Proud Boys for all the trouble. Now that Biden is in office the media is demanding a deeper investigation into the Portland violence and the mayor is requesting state and federal policing and calling out Antifa for the continual destruction.

  • Covid came from the Wuhan lab. Senator Tom Cotton in January 2020 questioned the prevailing narrative that COVID-19 came from a Chinese wet market rather than the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The New York Times said that Cotton’s “conspiracy theory lacks evidence and has been dismissed by Scientists.” Business Insider said “A GOP senator keeps pushing a thoroughly debunked theory that the Wuhan coronavirus is a leaked biological weapon gone wrong.” Now with mounting pressure from the scientific community, the media is having to acknowledge that a leak is not only a viable theory but the leading one. When will the media apologize to Tom Cotton for raising the right question? We know the answer. The same time Biden regains his competency.

  • Defunding the police will lead to runaway crime. After the death of George Floyd and the subsequent BLM riots across many cities, activists demanded that police departments be defunded. At the time, President Trump and other Republicans warned that rampant crime would ensue. Joe Biden was as clear as mud on the campaign trail. In a statement his folks insisted: “Biden does not believe that police should be defunded.” Later, though, asked if money should be “redirected” away from cops, he replied, “Yes, absolutely.” And the charter for his alliance with Bernie Sanders vows to “reinvigorate community policing… and make smart investments to incentivize departments to build effective partnerships with social workers and mental-health and substance-use counselors.” Well, some major cities followed by defunding their police departments and this is what happened. Austin cut police by 35% and murder rate increased 55%. New York City cut 17% murder rate up 39%, Washington DC cut 5% murders up 19%, and Portland cut $15 million and killings jumped 52%.

It is no wonder trust in media and government is low. As media has lost all impartiality and now just drives a political narrative it is more important than ever to do our own research and listen to all sides of an argument. We should applaud those that go against the prevailing wisdom and at least take their opposition seriously without labeling it lies or a conspiracy. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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