Wokesters VS. Parents – Game Over

The woke minority has been successful with intimidation and cancel culture. Whether it is in government, education, media or corporations, a small minority of far-left nut cases have intimidated the majority of free-thinking Americans. Their success in silencing their fellow citizens on race, sex, gender or politics has been near complete as most moderates, independents and even conservatives have tried to keep their heads down hoping to not be the next cancelled victim. Until now.

The left has awakened a sleeping giant: parents of school aged kids. Now, these parents might have sucked up being called racists and homophobes. They might have held their tongues when the wokesters droned on about the patriarchy, white privilege, transgender rights and Covid mandates. They probably kept their mouth shut and sat through diversity and inclusion training at work while knowing they are not racist. Their far-left family and friends who can’t pull away from MSNBC and other corporate media sources just continue to ramble on with simplistic talking points and historical inaccuracies at near nauseating frequency. Parents took it all in and tried to stay focused on their families. But mama and papa bear are up from hibernation and are really pissed.

Yep, the wokesters have messed with the kids long enough. The Virginia election results along with school board changes across the country demonstrates without question that the far left has gone too far. What are parents waking up to?

  • School lockdowns – It was never about the kids. We knew early on children have very low rates of serious illness or death from COVID. It also is clear that teachers are at lower risk than many professions, yet the teacher unions, and the elected officials in their pockets, closed the schools. Students lost an entire year of learning and mental health issues among children are skyrocketing.

  • Mask and vaccine mandates – Wearing masks all day every day is psychologically unhealthy for children. It leads to isolation and learning difficulty. John Hopkins University identified only 10-20 children that were healthy prior to the pandemic that died. Almost all of the thousand deaths among children were in a population of kids with high comorbidities. Yet many are insisting vaccine mandates for all children. It’s obvious that it really isn’t about the kids. It’s about control and calming down scared adults.

  • Racial extremism – Proclaiming all white children as oppressors and children of color as victims is immoral and borders on child abuse. Anti-white bigotry is rampant in the schools. Parents know the concept of race is foreign to children and has to be taught. And they are not happy with the race equity socialist agenda being shoved down the throats of our kids.

  • Over emphasis on sex and gender – What is with the woksters and their preoccupation with sex and gender? Once reserved as a biology discussion in 6th grade, now “sex education” and gender bending is taught throughout grade school. Often accompanied with graphic material. Older kids are encouraged to explore their sexual and gender identity and encouraged to keep it from their parents.

Despite the learning from the Virginia election and others around the country, the far left is unable to see the writing on the wall. They cling to the narrative that the people just don’t understand. The electorate is just uneducated rubes that are racist. This is good news for those of us with heartland sensibilities. As long as the woksters continue down the path of fighting against parents we will see the far-left influence get called out for what it is. Leftist dogma that is more about indoctrination then education.

The woksters think they are still in a fight. But as we saw on Tuesday, as long as parents feel their kid’s welfare and future are at stake, they will not let up.

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