Who Says We are Losing Freedom?

We all know the story of the frog in a pot of water. As the flame gets turned up the frog does not jump out because the heat increases gradually until he slowly succumbs. Freedom lovers have been very vocal that a similar thing is happening to individual freedom. It is slowly slipping away from us.

Concerned citizens lament that freedom of speech is curtailed on social media and college campuses. Restrictions are imposed by keeping people away from religious worship and getting together with family and friends. Cancel culture has invaded the workplace, media, churches and education, not allowing for civil discourse and debate. Small business owners have seen their livelihoods ruined by erroneous lockdowns that seem to pick favorites.

Finally, the ability to travel has been curtailed and Washington DC is under military lockdown.

Some progressives are arguing that freedom has not been curtailed. They cite the following as proof that individual freedom is actually improving:

  • The homeless are freer. Just look at any California park, freeway under pass or public space and you will see the homeless freer than ever. They are free to assemble in great numbers and create entire homeless communities. Free to defecate wherever they please. Free to engage others without masks. About the only restriction they seem to have is they can’t go anywhere the elite live and congregate.

  • Free to be stoned. More and more Americans are free to drop out. States are legalizing pot and raking in the tax dollars at an increasing rate. Oregon is leading the nation in this freedom by decriminalizing virtually all intoxicants. Some say the only reason television shows like the Masked Singer and The Bachelor survive is that half the audience is drunk or stoned.

  • Free to sue. Today you can bring a lawsuit for virtually any injustice. Lawyers are buying up nearly all tv advertising looking for car accident, slip and fall, baby powder, weed killer, and pharmaceutical victims. They are clear to point out that it is free to sue and you don’t pay unless a money judgement is awarded. Oh, and if that get rich quick method doesn’t work, you can try your hand at ever increasing ways to gamble your life away.

Progressives are pushing for even more freedom. On the horizon is free education, healthcare and a monthly income just for breathing. Yes, we are becoming freer than ever before.

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