When Does the Normal Part Start?

People of the heartland and those with heartland sensibilities are wondering when the “return to normalcy” is going to start. Despite promises from Biden and his minions, the craziness seems to be ramping up not down.

The truth of the previous administration is that despite Trump's personal behavior, his agenda was well in line with mainstream American opinions on everything from immigration to taxes. President Trump did not shift American policy. However, every indication is that Biden will. Within the first five days, he issued 30 executive orders, compared with four for Trump, five for Barack Obama and zero for George W. Bush. Let’s see what his return to normal looks like through the orders he signed:

  • Killing the Keystone XL pipeline along with its estimated 11,000 American jobs. No less oil will come into the country. It will just come via train and truck at 3 times the cost.

  • Endorsement of radical reinterpretation of American history like the 1619 Project which has been soundly debunked by historians.

  • Halting the deportations of illegal immigrants including all but the most heinous criminals. Luckily the courts have blocked this already.

  • Forcing the military to allow troops to undergo gender reassignment surgery and having we, the taxpayer, pay for it.

  • Forcing federally funded institutions including schools and universities to allow biological men who identify as transgender to compete alongside women. This not only will ruin women’s sports but guts Title 9 legislation designed to help protect biological women.

In addition, Biden has staffed his cabinet, not necessarily with the best and brightest, but making sure he has checked each intersectional woke box. He and his team lied about the vaccine distribution plans he inherited and has entered back into a non-binding climate deal that handcuffs America at a time when it leads the world in CO2 reduction.

Joe Biden may be a relatively normal Washington politician. But none of this is normal. Pretending it is normal is just another way for his radical left followers and the media to squash legitimate criticisms of an administration seeking to move the country closer to socialism and away from freedom. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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