When Does the “Getting Back to Normal” Start?

In every Presidential election you will find hard core Democrats will vote for their candidate and Republicans will vote for theirs. However, independents and folks that lean moderately left or right are the key to winning an election. In 2020 these voters chose Biden because they wanted things “to get back to normal.”

How is that working for you?

Corporate and social media, in the tank for the left was successful in pinning social unrest and the dividing of the country on Trump and the Republicans. Every tweet by the President was amplified as racist or fool hearted and other news showing Democrat weakness was suppressed. This happening while many of the Trump administration actual policies were working. The country prior to the pandemic was stronger than it had been in decades with expectations that a full recovery would take place as Operation Warp Speed and American ingenuity brought vaccines to market in record time.

Now we are finding out that the country continues to be divided and in many ways is worse off than before the election. This is driven mostly by bad policy and ineptness of the current administration and leadership in Congress. Let’s review how things are going so far with “getting back to normal”:

  • Border Crisis. Despite the media trying to cover up the mess, the border is a s**tshow. Kids in cages and human trafficking are up significantly and thousands being let in the country without COVID tests or any hope that they will show up for immigration hearings. Texas and Arizona have had to enlist the help of the National Guard to try and stop the flow. The Biden Administration stopped key programs designed to lessen illegal immigration and the result is chaos.

  • Middle East War. Thousands of missiles have been launched against Israel from the Gaza strip. Reports have identified Iran as funding the attacks. The Biden Administrations cozying up to the terrorist regime of Iran is to blame as they see only weakness from America. How things changed from the peace agreements secured with several countries on the waning days of the Trump administration. Terrorists take advantage of weakness.

  • Economy in trouble. Trillions of dollars in questionable stimulus and infrastructure boondoggles have hit the economy. That much borrowed money will result in inflation. The Producer Price Index hit an all-time high in April at +6.1%. Those prices will be felt by all of us as this translates to higher consumer prices. Gas and food prices are up significantly and building materials have doubled in 4 months. The administration says that this inflation is “transitory”. Does it feel that way to you?

The administration has done nothing to bring the country together. No compromises or looking for mutually beneficial solutions to challenges we are facing. Their support of teachers’ unions instead of our children, critical race theory, 1619 bogus history, and other woke agenda issues further divides the country. The media refused to cover the ongoing riots in Portland, the highest violent crime rates in our cities since the 1970’s and not willing to challenge the administrations policies has led to a corporate media that is a mouth piece for the left.

If this is normal, we are doomed. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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