When Does “Build Back Better” Start?

Candidate Joe Biden had a catchy campaign slogan called “Build Back Better” that millions of Americans bought into. Yes, good old Joe was going to bring positive change to Americans facing the challenges of Covid and the tumultuous times driven by arch enemy Donald Trump.

Let’s see how Mr. Biden has done with his promise to “build back better”:

  • Improve international relations: Yes, Joe was going to improve our reputation abroad. I guess the Biden voters hadn’t counted on a botched Afghanistan where thousands of US citizens and friends of America are stranded in country as the Taliban holds parades of American flags on caskets and hunts American supporters door to door. Meanwhile, the international community has been overwhelmingly negative, not only about his Afghan pull out, but his conduct at the G7 conference and a myriad of other faux pas as well. Most of us are left just staring down at our shoes in embarrassment.

  • End COVID. Yes, Joe promised to end the COVID pandemic and in fact announced that by July 4th the pandemic would be over. I guess he should tell that to the blue state Democrats that are back in masks and lock downs. They keep telling us that it is the red state Republicans that are anti-vaxxers but one of the biggest Democratic constituencies, Black Americans, have the lowest vaccination rates in the country. What is readily apparent is that many Americans don’t trust the government, it’s health officials and the mixed messages. This is not a red or blue issue, it’s a Biden Administration issue.

  • A better economy for all. Despite the best economy ever for women and minorities under his predecessor, Biden said he would bring financial security to all of us. Latest economic figures suggest our economy is in real trouble. Inflation is out of control, unemployment, especially in blue states is stubbornly high and just last month we missed employment numbers by 300% less than what the “experts” predicted. Top it off with Joe pushing for $3 trillion dollars in new spending. Our children and grandchildren will pay for this ineptitude.

The hits just keep on coming with Joe as well. He is killing our energy independence and recently begged OPEC to turn on the spigot. They said no. The border is a mess with the Mexican cartels running billions of dollars in drugs and human sex trafficking into America. Race relations are as bad as the 1960's with his administration supporting critical race theory and the 1619 project despite obvious bigotry.

We all know that Joe is not all there and the people behind the scenes running this sh*tshow are bad, incompetent people. Joe picked them.

Well, when Biden is forced to resign one of these days at least we will have a Vice President that is mentally all there.

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