What Will Stop COVID? Not Government

In the heartland we continue to question when will BIG government supporters realize that no amount of government rules and regulations has or will stop COVID. The virus has continued to spread across the globe even when draconian methods are established and the taking away of basic freedoms are pushed. Hey McFly! Government regulations are not the answer.

Mask mandates have been ineffective. COVID rages in places like Italy, Germany and Los Angeles despite mandates being instituted for many months. Stay at home orders, quarantines and lockdowns in places like New York, Hawaii and California are not stopping the spread. States with massive government takeover of freedoms fare no better than places like South Dakota, Missouri or Sweden. Bueller? Bueller? They don’t have a clue.

Americans in many parts of the country have given up their freedom to worship, associate and travel. In many places you cannot operate a business, earn a living or send your child to a government run school system. And yet, we follow orders and get outraged when those in power tell us what to do and then do whatever they want. “We act as if we are dealing with the Bubonic plague where 30% of infected people died, not a virus with a survival rate of 99.8%,” said Jerold Framer, actor that plays a doctor on TV. Anyone? Does it make sense that flu is much more deadly to children and yet we never close schools during flu season?

We should give government some credit. “Operation Warp Speed” has led to the development of a vaccine in record time hopefully approved before year end. For our economics experts like congresswoman AOC, keep in mind it has been developed by private companies once government red tape and bureaucracy was removed. Hello? Private enterprise drives innovation best when government gets out of the way.

Some in government have tried to provide real information. The benefits of social distancing, washing hands and staying away from sick people has been helpful. Understanding how the virus spreads, how long to quarantine and the impact the virus has on older and more vulnerable populations helps inform Americans so they can make decisions on how to live their lives. Unfortunately, politics has gotten in the way. People! A scared populace is much easier to control and manipulate.

More Americans have come to realize that a full free life is much preferred to a long unhappy one. We in the heartland will act prudently with the best information we have. We will protect those we love and care about and allow our fellow citizens to do the same. No power hungry, scared politician or bureaucrat is going to run our life. We do not want to die from COVID, but realize that we will eventually die from something and prefer a life of freedom and personal choice to the one being imposed on us now. McFly! Truth is you will die at some point also. How you liking things now? has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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