What Box Will You Check?

There is a push within the Biden Administration to add additional gender boxes on federal forms. This way, those that do not fill comfortable listing themselves as male or female will have additional choices. A new organization, Voters for Science (VFS) is suggesting a new set of choices:

  • Scared little girls

  • Scared little boys

  • Proud American

Janis Balbuster of the VFS states, “Our choices make more sense than those proposed by the administration. If we are going to get away from science our choices better resemble America today than made up genders.” The VFS cites evidence to back up their approach:

  • COVID-19 alarmists. Many Americans acted like scared little girls and boys during the pandemic. They stayed at home glued to cable news and what local bureaucrats had to say while shaking in fear. Instead of protecting the vulnerable and getting back to life, they cowered. We especially liked the ones who had jobs working from home and supported the shutting down of the country for everyone else. Proud Americans went to work and faced the challenge.

  • Gun control advocates. You know the types. They say: “Those guns are big and scary. We don’t want them around and we will take them.” Scared little children don’t understand the only thing ultimately protecting you from bad guys with guns are good guys with guns, (sorry if I triggered the feminists.) Proud Americans stand armed and ready.

  • Defund the Police crowd. Yep, the political elites and their scared followers who think the police are big, bad and racists despite no evidence to support this notion. Not very bright, they have not thought through what happens with less police. Unfortunately, the proud Americans who live in the worst areas and see crime everyday continue to clamor for more police protection.

  • Majority of today’s college students. Scared little girls and boys believe what they are told. Instead of thinking for themselves and challenging what is taught, it is just so much easier and less scary to just believe what your professors tell you. They believe in socialism and utopia the way youngsters buy into the tooth fairy and Easter bunny. Also, they want safe spaces where scary ideas can’t be heard. Proud Americans challenge, debate and decide on their own what to believe.

  • Cancel culture advocates. Like little girls and boys who cover their ears rather than hear things they don’t want to hear, many Americans support the canceling of ideas they do not like and those that support them. In the case of cancel culture we also think the people who are too afraid to speak the truth should also check the scared little girls or boy’s box. Proud Americans respect those that have opinions different then theirs and defend their right to have them. They will not accept cancel culture from their schools, employers, entertainment and churches.

Time to check a box. Which group best describes you?

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