Want to Dominate Women’s Sports? – Be Born with Testicles

Despite the woke mob and transgender activists trying to cloud the issue of gender, a simple fact remains that males exhibit superiority in sports. If you want to dominate women’s sports at all levels you simply follow three rules:

1. Be born with testicles

2. Self-identify as a woman

3. Gain high school varsity proficiency in the sport of your choosing

That is pretty much it except you must also be so egocentric and self-absorbed that you feel you have to compete where you have an unfair biological advantage. Biology is an actual science and without a doubt proves that men are born with certain advantages when it comes to physical ability. This includes bone and muscle structure, height and muscle reflexes. No amount of Testosterone inhibitors or even surgery to make men eunuchs will take away this advantage.

It is often cited that the top 500 high school men’s tennis players would dominate women’s professional tennis. They are faster, stronger and their serve is significantly harder. In other sports, like professional basketball and soccer, high school boys would basically crowd out most every woman now playing. Can’t imagine what professional fighting would look like if 18-year-old biological males fought women.

The dominance would be even greater in college sports. Whether it is track and field, weight lifting, hockey, baseball/softball, volleyball or swimming high school men would dominate. Not one scholarship given out today for the best women’s athletes would be justified when biological men are allowed to compete against women.

Before you accuse of being sexist, please note that we are big supporters of women’s sports and the Title IX rules that support women athletes. Title IX has allowed several generations of women to play high school and college sports. It has also allowed them to compete for college scholarships, thus allowing them access to higher education at some of the most prestigious schools in the country.

It should also be noted that we are not suggesting transgender individuals should be barred from sports. It is just common sense that all men and women should compete in sports for their particular sex. Men play against men, women against women. That is really not too hard to understand. Just because a few unfortunate individuals suffer from gender dysphoria does not mean that society should accommodate them at the expense of millions of others.

We also support legislative action being proposed and passed in many states that bar biological men from competing against women. Despite what crazy activists insist, this is not barring transgender men from competing. Just compete as a man. Oh, and by the way, they probably should stay out of women’s locker rooms as well.

It was recently reported that a 35-year-old New Zealand biological man has qualified as a women’s Olympic weight lifter. Let that sink in for a minute. We were planning to watch the Olympics this summer given they have restricted kneeling for the flag, but if this is allowed to stand we will look for some other type of entertainment.

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