Time to Question Motives and Beliefs?

The despicable behavior of a small group of Trump supporters in Washington DC yesterday is rightfully denounced by all law-abiding citizens. Under no circumstances is this behavior to be tolerated or accepted. We should not look for excuses or reasons for such unlawful behavior. It is never OK to threaten person or property. Period.

This is a good time to question our own belief systems. How many denouncing the violence yesterday also denounced the riots of this summer? Do you remember the taking over of Portland (Autonomous Zones), attacks on the Federal Bank building, the burning of a church across from the Whitehouse, the rioting in Minneapolis, Washington DC, Chicago, New York, St. Louis and Seattle? The killing of innocent people? The killing of police?

Ask yourself, were you just a little bit happy when the riots were supporting your belief system? Is it OK to riot, kill and terrorize in the name of your beliefs? Is it ok to attack your political foes because you believe they are racists, homophobes, Socialists or even the worse of all NAZI’s? If you supported or turned a blind eye to this summer’s riots you should check your righteousness at the door and away from social media. Your motives are not moral or consistent.

During the summer, the media that many take as gospel, provided rationale and excuses for unlawful behavior. They tried to convince us that the protests were mostly peaceful and those rioting were disenfranchised Americans with grievances we should understand. Certainly, some will try and make excuses for yesterday. It was BS then and it is BS now. They are all unlawful thugs that terrorized America.

The media will be quick to find instigators. Anyone who lawfully challenged the election or used the legal process to investigate fraud will be denounced. Yet, plenty of politicians and local leaders also ginned up resentment and justification this summer. Many marched with the protesters during the day and hid when the destruction started. Many leaders never publicly denounced BLM and Antifa. What were their motives?

Over the next few days, I challenge us all to take time and come off our perch. Stop the moral outrage just long enough to question our motives, beliefs and consistency. Lets all agree terrorism, rioting and destroying our cities is always wrong. Not just when it goes against our side. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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