The Temper Tantrum Strategy

We have all been there. In the store shopping when we start to hear the conversation between a young child and the parent. “I want that” the child says. “No” says the parent. This gets repeated several times until it escalates to yelling, crying, stomping of feet and finally throwing themselves on the floor. Usually it’s the child doing this but after what we have seen from the media lately, that may not be always the case.

Child psychologist, Mitsy McDoogle says “Often thought of as the 'terrible twos', this is young child behavior testing boundaries and learning that you don’t get everything you want. Responsible parents know that giving into this childish behavior only leads to bigger issues over time.”

Unfortunately, it seems the political left is implementing a strategy very similar to young child behavior. This has been coined the “temper tantrum strategy” and it has been on full display:

  • Joe Biden and other democrats telling the American people that only electing them will stop the violence happening in democratically controlled areas.

  • Much like a toddler threatening to run away, lefties attempted to set up autonomous zones in democratic cities. Funny thing is they soon realize they still need their parents (Government) to keep sending their unemployment checks and provide basic services.

  • The recent supreme court opening has some toddlers threatening to “burn it down” if the President and Senate go through with confirming a new justice. Seems very similar to stomping one’s feet doesn’t it?

  • Many democratic politicians threatening to pack the court with additional judges and get rid of the electoral college when they regain power IF the republicans go through with confirming a justice. Do any of us really believe that these children will not do this anyway, anytime they don’t get their way? In addition to adding two new states (D.C. and Puerto Rico) and opening borders to insure they have plenty of senators and huddled masses to manipulate.

As responsible adults we realize that boundaries such as the constitution, balance of power and rule of law are there to ensure that immature children among us do not get everything they want. We can all disagree on how to work within the family to improve it, but breaking up the family by “burning it down”, changing the rules or even worse the constitution is unacceptable behavior.

In a free republic, boundaries are set through elections and they have consequences. We will see on November 3rd just how many responsible adults and little children are in the country. It should be very telling the kind of behavior we are willing to accept. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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