The Left is So Progressive They are Moving Backwards

The pomposity of the left is always on display. They are soooo much smarter than the rest of us (just ask them). Their smugness and self-righteousness are often so thick that after a politician, Hollywood actor, sports figure, media troll or activist pontificates about some leftist narrative you need a canoe to paddle through the bullcrap. But have you thought how backwards and out of touch they really are?

Let’s investigate how backwards these progressives are:

  • Lawlessness – Their focus on “defund the police”, bail and prison reform are allowing criminals to rule in major cities across the land. You have to harken back to the Viking raids of Europe, the wild west and mob rule of the 1930’s to see what is happening today. Nothing progressive about criminals running the streets.

  • Race – The progressives demonstrate racism in almost everything they do. Not only do they lump all whites together in a group (except enlightened ones like themselves) but white progressives seem to think people of color are incapable of getting jobs, earning a spot in college, get an ID to vote or do most anything else without help. They supposedly fight against Jim Crow but are worse than bigots from the 19th century.

  • Marxism – You would have thought that the socialists won the cold war the way progressives wax on about the virtues of socialism. Despite such shining examples like Cambodia, Venezuela, the now defunct USSR and North Korea they continue to believe that “we just don’t have it right yet.” In reality, progressives are weak and unable to compete in the real world. They want others to take care of them and are willing to give up their soul and agency to have a sense of security. (Mommy issues?)

  • Faith in Idols – It is no coincidence that modern culture is suffering due to a decline in religiosity. Church attendance and belief in God has declined significantly since the 1960’s. In its place, progressives have turned to idols like environmentalism, diversity, materialism and globalism. No wonder so many feel lost and without purpose.

  • Bullying - Tyranny of the minority is alive and well today. You don’t agree to their perverted view of the world? You are cancelled. You would think progressives were the majority in this country but far from it. They are a minority that yield power. Much like kings and emperors of yesteryear they use power to bully the masses. America was founded to fight against tyranny like today’s left. That’s why they want to change everything about America.

  • Science Deniers – Progressives claim to be on the side of science but yet they have a hard time justifying universal truths like; only women bear children, 2+2 = 4, man does not control weather, and children raised in a two-parent household with a mom and dad do better. Not since the Middle Ages have universal truths been under attack because they don’t support current dogma.

Today’s progressives want to believe they are fighting the establishment and the power hierarchy. They view themselves like the hippies from the 1960’s. What they don’t seem to realize is they are “the man” today. They are the establishment. At least in colleges, corporate board rooms, media and the Washington swamp. Nothing progressive about what they stand for or believe they are “fighting for.”

The real heroes are those standing up against progressives. Learning from history to forge a better tomorrow rather than following them backwards into ruin. The majority is starting to stand up against this nonsense and take the country forward. We gain confidence from watching the parents across the country stand up against progressive school boards and the crap they want to teach our children.

Who knew? It is now hip to be square… has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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