The Left is Eating Their Own and it’s Delicious

The cancel culture has shifted into high gear and starting to eat their own. It is delicious for those of us with Heartland sensibilities to watch. Of course, we in flyover country have been cancelled for a long time. We are quickly labeled racists, supremacists, uncle toms, deplorables and bible beaters along with pretty much every other derogatory label they can muster. So, we are immune to their nonsense. However, the woke mob has turned on fellow liberals and those that think of themselves as sooooo virtuous, bright, educated, enlightened and caring. They are getting a taste of what it’s like and they don’t much like it.

David Sutton, writer for the Jerusalem Journal said, “It’s like the left is tearing down every liberal that does not believe in a complete systematic overthrow. It’s no longer about improving the system, but instead tearing it down. If you don’t want that, these Marxists and Anarchists will cancel you no matter how liberal you are.” Some of the latest examples of the woke mob eating their own include:

  • NY Times – Printed an op-ed from conservative Tom Cotton and the editorial staff was denounced. Several have left the paper driven by the cancel culture within the paper itself. It gets even better; they are now saying that the family that owns the Times once owned slaves. Delicious!

  • Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook has been slow to censor conservative postings. This has prompted an advertising boycott, several trips by Zuckerberg to Capitol Hill and ongoing denouncement of the social media empire.

  • Hollywood – Probably some of the tastiest treats are watching the Hollywood elite scramble. From late night talk show hosts that sported black face years ago, to Howard Stern using racist language, to stars that accept roles that don’t match their sexual preference. They end up apologizing to the mob and grovel for acceptance.

  • The Social Elite – Over 100 liberal leaning elites signed a letter published in Harper’s Magazine defending free speech and condemning cancel culture. Since the letter was published dozens have distanced themselves from the letter and apologized due to pressure from the mob.

As much as we like to see the left struggle with the cancel culture, we know it is un-American and dangerous to stifle freedom of speech and association. All citizens should be able to speak their minds and debate the challenges and solutions of the day. However, as Jimmy Dillion, one-time actor and now waiter said, “Today if you say something that challenges leftist dogma they just as soon ruin you. I thought that only happened in places like Cuba and China.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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