The Latest Poster Child of Racism – Asian Americans

The early communists and socialists attempted to divide people by class. They proclaimed that the working class would rise up against the elites. As history has shown us, their sales pitch ultimately failed as freedom and capitalism rose all boats and a thriving middle class emerged that eventually proved that individual freedom and American capitalism were better systems.

Today, the new socialists are looking to divide Americans by race. If they are successful, they can give enough power to a centralized government thus keeping the political elite in charge for ever. It took the American way of life several generations to stop socialism from its murderous spread but if America falls, its game over.

The latest attempt to divide the country by race is to proclaim that racism is rampant against Asian-Americans. They have used the murders in Atlanta as their poster child for this racism. Despite no evidence of any connection to race as a motive, the race baiters have jumped on the familiar bandwagon. First, the shooter must have been a white supremist. When that failed due to the fact the shooter said there was no race motivation, now those that see everything through a colored lens say that the way America has viewed the tragedy demonstrates white supremacy.

Yes folks, the fact that the news calls out that the murdered message therapists were Asian and the perpetrator was a sex addict shows America’s deep-rooted racism. Some color obsessed persons have said, “The exotification and sexualization of Asian bodies is a long-standing, deeply embedded, and intentional part of dominant, white culture” and what “we all have watched unfold in the past few days is just one of countless examples of the ways that white, dominate culture erases the stories, pain, and laments of communities of color”.

Let’s be clear. American dominant culture is not a white culture. It is a culture built on Judeo-Christian beliefs centered on the fact that all people are created in the image of God and have rights granted by our creator, not any government. To prove America is not racist all one has to do is look at how prosperous Asian-Americans have become in this country. Some of the most economically successful people in America come from Asian heritage. Their focus on education and a strong family has propelled them to the American dream. In fact, they have been so successful in educating the youth that Harvard has been discriminating against them because too many were earning entrance into the prestigious college.

Racism does exist in America. You will find racists in the white, black, Hispanic, and yes, even the Asian communities. And where it truly and overtly exists it needs to be called out and denounced. But Americans and America are not racist. Our neighbors, friends and families are largely color blind and just want to raise their families and reach their own definition of success.

But make no mistake, those that see racism in everything American are not patriots or enlightened. They have been indoctrinated in socialist dogma and see their future success only coming at the expense of others rather than as an addition to others. And those that perpetuate the racism message are not only virtue signaling, but using it to gain or keep power and take freedom away from individual Americans of all persuasions.

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