The Democrats Have Created the Red Wave

It is still amazing to heartlanders that the left is completely unaware they are causing the coming red wave. Because they are unable or unwilling to speak out against the most radical ideas, they have pushed more and more Americans to the right. The most obvious example of this are the huge numbers of Hispanic citizens now voting for conservative candidates because they feel abandoned by democrats.

Congrats democrats, supporting the following is bringing about your own demise:

  • Gender and sex theory in grade schools. Our public schools can’t teach the basics as proven by test scores, but they are getting great at indoctrination.

  • Pushing the power of the state over the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit.

  • Defending drag queen story hour and pride parades that are attended by young children.

  • The elimination of biological women through policies that say a man can be a woman. Think biological males competing in women’s sports and using women's bathrooms.

  • War on religion. Secretly many like the church burnings and bombings of birth centers. They hate anything that holds a morality light to their actions and places god above the individual.

  • Climate agenda with no real plan except to drive up the cost of oil. 93% of all energy is produced by fossil fuels and they want to eliminate them.

  • Destruction of private property is good. Have you seen any Democrat speak out against the vandalism when it supports their side? Some even came to the rescue of the rioters during BLM and the recent abortion riots.

  • Heroes include George Floyd, Allen Ginsberg, Ted Kennedy, Che Guevara and Margaret Sanger just to name a few. Yep, a drug addict and abuser, drunk driving murderer, poet and member of the Man/Boy Love Association, communist sociopath and a racist nurse who supported eugenics are or were near the top of the favorites list.

  • Immigration policy resulting in millions of undocumented aliens flooding our cities and countless deaths of those trying to steal themselves into our country.

  • No bail, defund police, decriminalization of hard drugs, no arrests for shoplifting and other petty crimes and reduced sentences for felons have led to a big spike in crime.

  • Supporting out of control federal spending that leads to even more inflation. The problem they believe is that we just haven’t spent enough.

  • A woke military. Nothing says bad ass more than using the right pronouns and charging the hill with a pride flag.

The great news for those in the center right is that the Democrats did not learn their lesson after the Trump election. They are unwilling to reign in the goof ball leftists that support crazy ideas like open borders and preferred pronouns. They will not hold the lying media and their own politicians accountable after countless lies. Would you be surprised to know that over half of Democrats think Joe Biden is doing a good job and is capable? Despite the rest of the country having approval in the low 30's or high 20's. Are they blind or just can’t see?

The red wave is coming and the abortion debate and January 6th hearings won’t save them. Americans can see that leftist policies are to blame for the economic and social problems facing our country today. November is a way off but it’s looking like a tidal wave is building.

Time to wax down the surfboard and get the thank you cards ready. The dems are doing us a big favor. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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