Survey: Politically Mixed Couples Have Best Sex

What is the common denominator of great sex? This question has perplexed researchers for years. Only weak links to age, ethnicity, education or country of origin have been found. Heartland News’ VP of Research, Patrick Gahagan thinks he has found the answer. “Politically mixed couples. Those from liberal and conservative persuasions, have the best sex”. 77% of politically mixed couples claimed to have ‘Excellent,’ or “Very Good” sex. Ranked next was conservative couples at 64%, followed by Independents at 51%, Liberal couples at 47%, and leftists, anarchists, communists not registering any satisfaction at all.

Simone Brown and her husband Manny, married 21 years, share many things in common. NFL games, Kansas City Royals baseball, travel, the occasional rummy game, binge watching on Netflix, and dinners out. However, one area of great disagreement is their politics. Simone, a liberal Democrat, has very different opinions than Manny, a registered Republican. Manny surmises, “we get in some big fights and they get quite emotional. I end up being a heartless SOB and she is a snowflake socialist.” Simone chimes in, “usually he yells and I end up crying but once one of us says ‘I’m sorry’, the fireworks begin.” Manny smiles and jokes, “I go from being a heartless SOB to man of the hour. And when I say hour, I mean it.”

Sex Therapist and part time nanny, Mary Tangari said, “The research does not surprise me really. Politics today is emotionally charged like never before. It’s almost a religion with one’s intentions, morals and way of life being debated rather than political ideas. Good sex is also emotionally charged, and though I would never recommend fighting, I can see how that leads to great make-up sex,” she concluded. Simone said with a grin as she and Manny hopped in the car "time to go. I want to tell Manny something I learned on MSNBC this morning.”

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