Suit Manufacturers Cry Foul

The Organization of Global Associates of Suit Manufacturing (OGASM) released a statement calling on social media to stop the flagrant abuse of Men’s suits. It seems that the term “empty suit” is making a dramatic return since the election of Joe Biden. “We have seen the term ‘empty suit’ being tossed around with abandon lately and we call for an end to this ooooaaahhhh immediately,” said spokesperson Ariel Thomas during a recent OGASM event. conducted research and found several prominent men have been identified with the term “empty suit.” Chief Research Fellow, Patrick Gahagan said, “We have conducted an in-depth Nexus search and found some interesting word associations.” Below are the top five individuals associated with the term “empty suit” along with other popular terms associated with that individual:

  • Joe Biden – empty suit, senile old man, lying fool and lemming rustler.

  • Adam Schiff – empty suit, Hollywood wannabe and creep factor.

  • Chuck Schumer – empty suit, few bricks short and Broadway glamor boy.

  • Chris Cuomo – empty suit, really empty suit, CNN empty suit and arm curl dummy.

  • Gavin Newsome – empty suit, Barbie’s Ken, golden state coward and soy boy.

Mr. Gahagan also pointed out, “Mr. Biden is reaching levels of empty suit association not seen since the Obama Presidency.” He also pointed out “in the top 20 associations, only one was a republican or conservative. That was Mitt Romney. He also was associated with the terms ‘RINO’, turn coat and attention deficit Mitt.”

Ms. Thomas of OGASM said, “Our suits are made of high-quality wool and wool blends. They are made with love and a fine attention to detail. There is nothing empty about them. Associating us with those thought to be ‘a banana short of a bunch’ or ‘a sandwich short of a picnic’ is unfair and uncalled for. No offense to banana suppliers or bakers. We ask Google, Twitter and Facebook to censor those that use the term ‘empty suit’ ooooaaahhhh immediately.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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