Study Shows: No Agenda, Journalists are Just Scared Little Children

For years conservatives have railed against a press they claimed to be left leaning and pro-socialism. In fact, President Trump drove his campaign and the last three years of his presidency talking about “fake news.” Studies show that news favoring left leaning causes and those hurting the President get more attention than any positive news for the current administration. A new psychological study indicates that some of this “bias” has to do with the mental make-up and fitness of journalists.

Karen Gahagan, noted psychological profiler, says in a new white paper, “though the press has generally leaned left throughout history, the current profile of journalists indicates an issue with them being scared little children. When those that have not fully emotionally developed are faced with scary events, they tend to run toward authority figures, often their parents,” she surmised. The paper goes on to point out “the left often promotes a big government parental authority that offers safety to those that either can’t or are not ready to take care of themselves. Journalists flock to that safety.”

David Scholl, spokesperson for “Leave US Alone,” an organization that promotes self-reliance and independence says, “This all makes sense to us. When major events happen, media types tend to promote an answer before they even have all the facts.” He went on to say, “they want to have someone outside of themselves to control the situation, to make it all better. Now that I understand their fear, instead of taking everything they say on TV or write about in the newspaper as unbiased truth, I just imagine them in front of me and I pat them on the head and say it’s ‘ok you have nothing to be afraid of, we got this.’”

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