Study: As People Move Left, Sexual Satisfaction Declines

A recent study published revealed that a major influence on sexual satisfaction is political affiliation. Senior Chief Analytics Officer for HeartlandNews,net, Patrick Gahagan stated “Sexual satisfaction scores for couples were highly correlated to where people landed on the political spectrum. The more both individuals moved from right to left, the less satisfied they became.” Specifically, the study cited:

  • Far left couples scored the lowest in sexual satisfaction. Mary Tangari, Sexual therapist and part time yoga instructor stated, “This does not surprise me. These people tend to score high in self-centeredness. That does not translate well to couple enjoyment.”

  • One member of the couple being conservative tended to drive satisfaction scores up. This was especially true if men were more conservative. Ms. Tangari said, “The feminization of men in today’s society has some impact. Women say they want men that share their feelings and understand them, and that may be true in the boardroom and kitchen. But when it comes to the bedroom, they want men to be men.”

  • A slight uptick in satisfaction was seen from true believers of socialism and communism. However, the sample size was exceedingly small given that these people have a hard time finding a mate. Ms. Tangari stated, “We think higher satisfaction scores may be due to the sheer happiness of them finding someone to sleep with on a regular basis.”

Mr. Gahagan added, “It gives us something to think about. Birth rates in the US have been declining for years. It seems to correlate with academia, entertainment and main stream media moving farther left.” Social psychologist, Sam Morrow said, “Far left individuals tend to view themselves as superior, highly educated and more enlightened. They spend much of their political life virtual signaling and appearing to care. They are easily outraged, impatient and frustrated. You can see how this would have negative consequences in bed when the focus is not all about ‘me.’” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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