Stick Your Preferred Pronouns Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine!

Demi Lovato is just the latest narcissistic celebrity to come out and demand we use particular pronouns when addressing her. First, a few months ago she said she was “queer” and recently “pansexual.” She is now describing herself as “non-binary.” Her publicity tour, I mean “self-discovery journey,” seems to be getting her all sorts of needed and wanted attention. Did we mention she is launching a new podcast?

Ms. Lovato has asked that we use pronouns “they and them” when addressing her non-binary status (whatever that is). wants to be clear that we will not oblige her request or anyone else's that wants their own pet pronouns. We think every free-thinking person should do the same. Below is our rationale:

  • Ms. Lovato is a woman and female until her bloodwork and birth certificate say otherwise. We don’t really care what Ms. Lovato thinks she is. God bless her but we draw the line when it comes to changing the English language on her behalf. Let’s say you have a neighbor who believes he is a bell pepper. We will not grab pitch forks and attack his home (I mean garden) demanding he accepts that he is not a bell pepper. To each their own. However, if he demands we call him a vegetable we will not oblige.

  • Rules of the English language require that “them” and “they” be used as plural, meaning more than one or when describing an unknow person. Just the same way that green pepper is reserved for a particular type of vegetable. Bastardizing the English language for some self-aggrandizement journey by someone who believes they are so much more special than you or I is not a good reason.

  • A pronoun is a grammatical construct. Part of our language. You are not allowed to have your own pronouns, prepositions or adverbs. Requesting that others use particular pronouns to describe you other than what language rules allow is ridiculous. Language is a tool for conveying meaning. The whole reason language exists. We will resist efforts to ruin the meaning of language.

  • The people pushing the preferred pronoun phenomenon represent a top-down change to our language, not some naturally organic change in language that happens over time. No this is much more insidious. They are using force and coercion to remove the meaning of words without replacing them with new meaning. They are intentionally making language less meaningful and truthful. This is an attack on language and truth and cannot be allowed to continue.

The problem is that the woke mob no longer wants to allow “live and let live.” You know, allow others to live how they want while allowing us to live how we want. No, now they want us to participate. To take an active role in affirming the self-identity of strangers no matter how crazy it is. They expect us to affirm their delusion. That is not happening. Despite what Ms. Lovato wants us to believe and what she might believe, she is a woman. Her pronouns are her and she.

We live in the real world. If Ms. Lovato or anyone else expects us to change the English language to a fallacy so they can be affirmed we have a simple response. Take your preferred pronouns and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine! has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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