In the Disney movie “Up” the dog characters are often easily distracted. They stop what they are doing and yell “Squirrel!” The saying now refers to the moments when we lose focus and concentration. You know, when we are distracted by something new or shiny. The corporate media and power brokers of social media are using tactics to protect those in power by yelling “squirrel!” Unfortunately, millions of gullible Americans have become distracted and unable to focus on the serious issues of the day.

Let’s look at examples of “squirrels!” many are being distracted by:

  • COVID. The pandemic is over. Estimates put American adults near 80% immunity from vaccines and/or natural immunity. Vaccines are highly effective and Regeneron immune therapy and other therapeutics can keep all but the very old and sick out of the hospital. We should be getting on with our lives yet the fear porn remains. The media continues to pit the vaccinated against the unvaccinated. They support masking of children and vilify those that attend football games without masks. They love mandates handed down from the “experts.” They filter all information that does not fit the fear they are peddling. But if you actually look at the pandemic results; the rich got richer and the government got more powerful. The common man got shafted and yet we battle each other rather than those that brought us here.

  • White Supremacy. Does anyone really know a white supremacist? Seriously, there are like a thousand of them in the entire US. But the way the media talks, they hide behind every corner and are responsible for their dopey notion of “systemic racism.” “White rage”, “toxic whiteness” and “white privilege” are peddled to the public. They say that all of the trouble in minority communities are caused by evil white people and racist cops. Blacks and others are victims without the ability to help themselves. But if you look away from the squirrels you will see that an inner city and poor rural culture has emerged that affects all races. One parent households, lack of religion, de-emphasizing of education and lack of job-related skill development has created a permanent underclass of people. The media supports race bating and loves to build tension among Americans of different races. Yet the rich and powerful that benefit from this conflict just watch from a distance as they solidify political power. We Americans are not bigots and racists. It’s time to hold those that support race wars accountable.

  • Climate change. President Biden recently toured the damage done by Hurricane Ida. He mentioned climate change as the reason for the devastation a number of times. Millions of Americans including indoctrinated school children are scared of rising sea levels, massive storms and other disasters. We must look away from the madness and realize climate always changes, man adapts and energy independence is critical to a strong and vibrant country. If we are scared of climate change, we will allow the powerful to control our lives through restrictions, regulations and taxes.

While we are busy looking at squirrels the issues they don’t want us to look at are happening right under our noses:

  • Border crises. The border is a mess. Fentanyl from China is being imported by drug cartels and killing thousands of Americans each year. Thousands of young women and children are being trafficked into our country as sex slaves. The number of illegal immigrants dying trying to cross our deserts has doubled this year.

  • Education indoctrination. Our children are being told what to think rather than developing critical thinking skills. Standards are being dropped to protect those that are less educated. High school students are graduating unable to read, do basic math or have a clue about personal finance. We are producing college graduates that a dumber and less skilled than any time in the last century. China is producing millions of scientists and engineers. We are producing whiners and victims.

  • The rise of totalitarianism. We are turning a blind eye toward autocratic or authoritarian groups or governments around the world. We just allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of women and children will be raped and forced into marriages. Our own citizens are now hostages in the country yet the Biden Administration worked with the Taliban as they botched the withdrawal. Australia and Canada now resemble China more than a democratic country and California, New York and Virginia are basically socialists today.

It is imperative that Americans stop using corporate and social media for their news sources. We are being fed exactly what they want us to hear. They filter out what does not suit their narrative. Journalism today is marketing and you are being played.

Take control and use a wide variety of sources for your information. It is time we all did some squirrel hunting. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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