SEC Player of the Week Goes To: Sarah Fuller?

Two South East Conference college football players were selected as Special Teams Player of the Week last week. One ran a 57-yard punt return back for a touchdown to put the Florida Gators ahead going in to half time. The other kicked a very mediocre kick to start the second half on the way to an embarrassing loss for the Vanderbilt Commodores. The Florida player also has 7 touchdowns this season and over 600 receiving yards. The Vanderbilt player had never suited up for Men’s football before and given this performance, and the recent firing of the Commodore head coach, probably never will again.

Why, may you ask, did the Vanderbilt player receive such a prestige’s conference football award? Because she was a woman. Period. Nothing to do with performance or talent on the football field, just because she has female genitalia. Any average men’s high school football player could have made that kick. Most likely better and, unlike Sarah Fuller, probably could have withstood a major block or tackle if it had come to that. But despite the obvious pandering to the woke crowd and publicity stunt, the media fell all over themselves announcing this “watershed moment.”

We in the heartland do not blame Ms. Fuller for all the shenanigans. In fact, she is an accomplished college women’s soccer player for a division 1 program. A strong athlete no doubt. Our argument is with the media, woke crowd and anyone who made a big deal out of this event. Played like fools as usual. Marjorie Wilson (name changed to protect the guilty), women’s leadership consultant was a prime example calling Ms. Fuller “a hero” and her one-time kick “ground breaking” and an example of ”shattering the glass ceiling in Men’s sports.” We call BS.

Matt Walsh, Political Commentator for the Daily Wire said that the adulation was “patronizing and degrading” to women. We could not agree more. Women have indeed done many great things and have achieved historic results. Women have reached the top in fields such as science, law, business, medicine politics, and education. They are mothers and grandmothers to children who have or will go on to change the world.

What Sarah Fuller did was not historic nor even noteworthy, except from the standpoint that it proved one very important truth. Despite what she said about her achievement post game, “I want girls everywhere to know that they can do anything they put their minds too,” the truth is no they can’t. Just like men there are some things they cannot do. Earning a spot and playing at a high level on college division 1 football team is one of them. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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