Science of the Lambs

A new movie is reportedly being green lit called Science of the Lambs. A science fiction thriller based loosely on the events of the last couple of years. Below are some of the sub plots for the new movie:

  • Due to pending climate disaster, all citizens of the liberal utopia country of Fool’s Errand are required to eat only insects, seeds and protein shakes from the Ben & Jerry’s co-op. Farm animals are prohibited due to flatulence and resource requirements. Citizens commute via EV personal transport vehicles controlled by the Fool’s Errand transportation authority. A request can be made to the authority to leave your home and will be reviewed in typical government time of 30 days. Everyone is assigned one room in the house where they keep only a few necessities. Fool’s Errand controls the house and all that are allowed to live there. Fool’s Errand leaders do have their own homes and transportation because of the very important work and how special they are.

  • Ongoing pandemics require all citizens to be vaccinated. Latest pandemics include the diseases of free thought, urges to be independent, sexual desire and consumerism. Antipsychotic drugs and mood stabilizers are added to the required drinking of Ben & Jerry’s elixirs. Recreational drugs are also encouraged because new science has shown they are effective in fighting disease. Masks are required on everyone all the time except for the leaders. Science has shown that leaders are not susceptible to the pandemics.

  • Science has “evolved” to include not only Fool’s Errand citizens being any sex or gender they want but also several sub species of humans. Being a human dog or cat is quite popular. Some choose to be unicorns, fairies and leprechauns. Only a few mentally ill choose to be white males.

  • Families exist but are much different. Children first and foremost belong to their school family. Children’s family are other kids their own age and teachers that attend governmental 24-hour schools. Parents are no longer in the picture after birth. Females (she, her) are artificially inseminated or made pregnant by Fool’s Errand elites and paid handsomely to birth children. Fool’s Errand scientists have proven that these schools educate children in all areas of life better than the outdated model of parenting by a mother and father.

  • Fool’s Errand science proves that the citizens, now considered lambs, are much happier and productive when told what to do, when to do it and how it is to be done. Being removed from the scourge of competition, risk/reward, failure and responsibility has the lambs stress free for their 30-year life-span. At 30, they are “asked” by the leaders, now known as lions, to attend a retirement seminar in the back of the Ben & Jerry’s co-op where they learn the benefits of donating their life and bodies to the next generation.

Science of the Lambs has no hero that emerges to change the circumstances for the lambs of Fool’s Errand. They lost the ability to change course when they put their faith in the new science and the leaders that worshipped and controlled it.

Some critics have already panned the movie idea as “beyond reality.” But we wonder what people 30 years ago would have said about a biological man competing as a woman weightlifter, or that people are racists based solely on the color of their skin. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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