Rule #1: Everything the Left Touches, It Destroys

Universal rule #1 is that whatever the left touches, it destroys. There is no exception to this rule. Before we offer proof, it is important to differentiate liberals and leftists. Liberals believe in individual freedom and may disagree with conservatives on the role of government but they work within the American system of government to bring about change. Leftists want to destroy the fundamental premise of America and focus on the collective, groups over individuals and gaining and holding power through lies, deceit and destroying reputations.

Now that we have distinguished between the two, let’s review how leftists destroy all that they touch. Below are proof points:

  • Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis and Washington DC. All once good cities that are basically trash heaps with runaway crime today. Sexual assault and murder rates are skyrocketing as the leftist district attorney’s push for less police and “prison reform.”

  • Colleges and Universities. More students are graduating and studies show they are less educated than any time in history. Not only are they less educated, but instead of being taught to think critically, they are told what to think.

  • Elementary and high school education. Whether it is revisionist history, critical race theory or climate alarmist rhetoric our children are being indoctrinated at an earlier and earlier age. And, the left is against school choice and for teacher's unions.

  • Corporate news and social media. Simply put, they are afraid of the fair exchange of ideas and freedom of speech. They want to control the narrative through lies and omission no different than Communist China and other totalitarian regimes.

  • The family. Despite overwhelming evidence that two parent households with a married mother and father provide the single most important factor in a child’s success, the left is against the “Western nuclear family” and deem it a white supremist concept and those that promote it as racists. You will never fix inner city crime until a focus on the family becomes the focal point.

  • Professional sports. Take your pick, NBA, NFL or MLB. They have all touted leftist dogma to build their business in China. Professional athletes like Lebron James (he is no Rhodes scholar) feel like they must weigh in on events they know little about.

The Democratic party is being taken over by a minority of loud and zealous leftists. It is time that level headed liberals call them out and clean up their ranks. Proof is right in front of you. Leftist policies are destroying the country right before our eyes.

One question for liberals. Are you blind or just can’t see? has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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