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Hasbro, the famed toy manufacturer and marketer is in a bit of hot water. Recently a package engineer contractor that works with the company spoke out about how Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being infused into product and package design at the global toy company.

David Johnson, who is a packaging engineer contracting with Hasbro, sat down with Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe, and discussed the CRT training in which he was forced to participate. Johnson leaked a video to Veritas showing “Conscious Kids” co-founders Katie Ishizuka and Ramón Stephens lecturing Hasbro employees about infants’ inherent racism.

Johnson went on to say “[Critical Race Theory] uses a Marxist lens to look at people as oppressed and oppressors…it divides people who have whiteness as the oppressor and people who lack it as the oppressed, and no matter what, you are split between those two groups. So, it's inherently divisive.” He also said “They want to introduce children into racial bias at an early age before they're really able to understand what race and racism is,” Not that is matters (except for context) but Mr. Johnson is black.

It seems the toy manufacturer is not very bright when it comes to kids. Any parent can tell you that children don’t care much about race and color. They can and will be friends with kids of all types if left to their own devices. It’s dopes like the folks from “Conscious Kids”, leftist teachers and dopey parents that introduce stereotypes and bias into kids. I suspect the kids could teach them and Hasbro a few lessons.

If this publicity wasn’t enough bad news for Hasbro more is said to be coming. We have heard rumors a trans activist organization has the toy manufacturer in its sights. The group, “Gender Is Just A Concept” (GIJAC) is pushing for changes to its action figures.

Spokesperson for GIJAC Pat Eunuch, (him, her, it depends) said, “We have a number of changes that need to be made to Hasbro’s action figures to be more inclusive to all children.” Below are some of the recommendations:

  • GI Joe / GI Jane – The action figure comes with removable breasts, genitalia, and Adam’s apple. It has several hair styles, make up and bad fitting clothes.

  • Not so Incredible Hulk – This Hulk comes with a removable penis making him not so incredible.

  • Captain Only in America – Instead of his / her famed shield, this action figure comes with a magic boa.

  • Transformers 2021 – They can change gender with just a twist, pull and slice.

It probably makes sense at this point to suggest Hasbro remove the executives involved in the CRT training. Time to bring in some new talent focused on driving results instead of a social agenda.

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