Resume Expert Offers Advice to “Trash” Politicians

Once the summer of discontent is in the history books it is widely believed that many politicians will need to be looking for new jobs. The poor handling of COVID-19 and the “mostly peaceful” protests have voters clamoring for changes in city and state government. Chip Okrit, professional resume writer, was asked by to make suggestions on how politicians can improve their resumes as they search for new work.

Mr. Okrit said, “it is all about how you package your accomplishments. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.” We asked him to “spruce up” the accomplishments of the following elected officials we are sure will be out of work soon:

  • Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti – Tent cities have shown up all over LA with virtually all streets, parks and underpasses filled with tents of all sizes. Rewrite: Over “30,000 residents have been provided with low cost shelter.”

  • Democratic Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot – The murder rate of black males continues to climb up over 50% over prior year and on pace to break records. Rewrite: “Under her leadership unemployment rate among black males is declining by double digits.”

  • Democratic Hawaii Governor, David Ige – Due to the strictest travel restrictions in the country, Hawaii’s number one industry, tourism has ground to a halt. The state budget deficit is above $2 billion resulting in statewide pay cuts and increased taxes. Rewrite: “Under Mr. Ige’s leadership traffic congestion has been reduced by 25%, and state parks and beaches are the cleanest they have been in decades.”

  • New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio – Quality of life in NYC has fallen to levels not seen since David Dinkins was mayor in the late 1980’s. Given the high taxes, increased crime, and severe lockdowns still going on despite no pandemic, anyone who can leave is leaving. U-Haul’s business is booming. Rewrite: “Under Mayor de Blasio, rental rates have fallen making housing more affordable.”

  • Democratic Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler – Portland has seen over 90 days of violent protests, with many roads not safe to travel after dark. Federal agents were sent in to the city to protect federal property that under Mr. Wheeler’s leadership could not be protected. Businesses have left the city and most city activity has ground to a halt. Rewrite: Mr. Okrit said, “Not even I can turn his trash into treasure. I suggest Mr. Wheeler open a CBD/Vape store in some other locale like maybe Austin or Santa Monica.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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