Record Number of TVs Being Smashed

Electronics companies assumed that recent strong sales of TVs were driven by Americans staying home during the pandemic and upgrading their screens. Further research indicates that in fact TVs are being replaced due to owner damage driven by high levels of frustration and anger.

Wayne Strickland, media industry expert, says, “TVs are ripped, punched and kicked mostly. We went in thinking that this was due to the repetitive, formulaic and simpleminded programming put out by the networks and cable TV companies. Surprisingly, though, it is mostly driven by hated commercial advertising.”

Patrick Gahagan, Senior Vice President of Research for Heartland News identified the top 5 reasons commercials lead to Americans smashing their TVs:

5) Repetitiveness. The same commercials run constantly. Americans start out enjoying the commercial, to being slightly annoyed, to saying, “if they run that commercial one more time, I’m going to rip the TV off the wall!” They do and they do.

4) My Pillow ads and jingle. Enough said.

3) We are all-in-this-together ads. Banks, media, car companies and lifestyle brands are the biggest offenders. Only political science majors from Berkeley and Cornell fall for this BS. The rest of us know what they are doing.

2) Auto insurance advertising. Especially the direct to consumer ads featuring the gecko, Flo, Shaq and the Emu. Makes Americans think about insurance way too many hours a day.

1) Main stream media news. Technically not commercials. However, the finger wagging, sarcasm, we are so-much-smarter-than-you attitude, talking head “experts” and everything on CNN are just thinly veiled commercials promoting far left, anti-American socialist ideals.

Mr. Strickland says “it’s a good thing video games and social media are so popular. Otherwise the industry could not keep up with the demand for replacements.”

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