Putin Trolls Biden – Exposes US Weak Power Rankings

Heartlanders are no fan of Russia President Vladimir Putin. All accounts say he has overseen the killing of thousands of citizens and anticommunist dissidents. But we must admit his response to Joe Biden’s challenge of being a “killer” was masterful. In an interview, Mr. Putin challenge Joe Biden to a live global televised debate. When hearing that, virtually every American said to themselves “No!”

That would be the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to the USA. Putin, with all his faculties and Joe Biden with only a few basic ones left. He can read off a teleprompter most of the time and as far as we know still takes care of his own basic needs. But a live debate? With interpreters, cameras and questions on serious policy, he would undoubtedly be out of his league.

We theorize that many Americans believe we would fare much better with the next in command, but let’s dive into America’s power ranking of Presidential succession a bit more. When Biden “retires” who would kill it on the debate stage against Putin?

  • Kamala Harris – We saw her debate performance in the Democratic presidential debates. Her embarrassing cackle when she’s nervous resulted in a performance so weak that she dropped out of the contest prior to getting shellacked in her home state of California. Putin would mop the debate floor with her. D-

  • Nancy Pelosi – Next in line after the Vice President is the Speaker of the House. The US would do no better here. On the plus side, Pelosi seems to still have most of her faculties which is amazing given she is 81 years old and spent nearly all her life in Washington DC. She is also an experienced debater. However, her commentary is limited to blaming Trump and being rude to anyone that gives her a hard question. Combine that with her poor fitting teeth jostling around as she talks and the outcome would not be good. D+

  • Next up Patrick Leahy. President pro tempore of the Senate. He has two knocks against him right out of the gate. First, he is a Senator from the same state as Bernie Sanders, Vermont. Second, he is obviously not too smart given he accepted the job of presiding over Trumps’ second impeachment trial. Anyone with half a brain stayed as far away from that sham as possible. We also think that having Leahy and Putin debate would turn into a love fest with both trying to prove they are bigger socialists. C-

  • Fourth in line is the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. We might have a contender with Mr Blinken. He has been aggressive with China and North Korea in his first few months. He seems to have a grasp of world affairs and as much as anyone can be in the Biden Administration is a realist. However, in the latest talks with China he was owned. Also, he is one of the many holdouts from the Obama Administration which we know mangled foreign policy. Results matter in debates so he only gains an average grade. C

Say what you want about the Russian “killer,” but Putin certainly sees the vulnerability of American leadership today. Americans would not feel very confident with any of the top Presidential successors on the world stage. Maybe, voters would do better job picking leaders at the ballot box if they pictured the candidate debating foreign enemies before pulling the lever.

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