Pushing Forward with Impeachment Not All Bad

Most on the right are upset that the democrats are pushing forward with impeachment of former President Trump. It does seem, despite what they say, the reason for this action is pure retribution. It seems petty, vindictive and pandering to their base. But is it all bad?

Let’s take a look at the advantages of going forward with an impeachment trial:

  • The longer the trial, the more democrats will seem dumb and clueless. Think of the expert questioning you will get from dopey Mazie Hirono, Senator from Hawaii. Heartlanders have never seen someone talk so much and say so little. Add in brainiacs like Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders and you get a real Schiff show.

  • It won’t lead to conviction. It takes 60 votes or more to convict and 45 senators have already stated they do not believe the process is constitutional. We are basically getting free entertainment and, in addition, a fired up conservative base.

  • Congress can’t pass a bunch of stupid laws if they center on impeachment. They will be so focused on mugging for the camera with their sound bite talking points we will be spared from additional legislation. We all know less government is best so let’s push for an in-depth and long trial.

  • A trial will bring back the good times. Yes, the media will talk about nothing but Trump! I can’t wait to hear what the brain trust Chris Cuomo (“where in the constitution does it say protests must be peaceful”) and former Bill Clinton attack dog George Stephanopoulos have to say. Should be hilarious. In addition, the left will continue to be stressed out keeping those of child bearing age from conceiving future AOCs, Kamala Harrises, Gavin Newsomes and Eric Garcettis.

  • Finally, all the focus on impeachment will relieve us from trying to comprehend what our current President is saying and doing. We could all use a break from interpreting his word salads. His voters as well will appreciate a break from the constant reminder they actually voted for the man.

As much as a trial will have major advantages, it’s not all good. The media will trot out their favorite never Trumpers. We will have to listen to the pompous elitist Mitt Romney and virtual signaler John Kasich. Chris Wallace will act smarter than he is and those not accused of child sexual exploitation at the Lincoln Project will be in their glory.

But on the whole, an impeachment trial should bring a stop to government intrusion and some much-needed humor. At least for a little while. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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