Public Service Announcement – No e-Toobin would like to provide a public service announcement for the millions of tech savvy and the not so savvy. KEEP YOUR PERSONAL STUFF OFF OF DIGITAL DEVICES!

Unless you have been living on a desert island for the last few weeks you have all heard of the unfortunate event Jeffrey Toobin, CNN correspondent and writer for the New Yorker, found himself in the midst of. Obviously, not very tech savvy about what “mute” means on Zoom. But let’s not let him off (no pun intended) too easily. What type of person finds a compelling reason in the midst of a Zoom exercise to visit “it’s all about me land” on a 10-minute breakout period? A bit creepy to say the least.

We should also ask; what type of HR department “temporarily suspends” someone after this? For the HR folks I know, this would the Super Bowl for them. I can see the interrogation now in my mind. Oh, the juicy questions they would ask! Followed by a swift not so private firing and finally several company announcements and policies about what is acceptable behavior in your personal work space. They would die for a chance to be part of something like that. feels compelled to remind everyone if it digital, assume the world can or will eventually see it. We have plenty of examples to help remind us:

  • Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger), New York Congressman who was caught with his literal pants down sending pictures over twitter. Now mostly known as a convicted sex offender and recipient of Hillary Clinton emails.

  • Jerry Falwell Jr. took a racy photo with unzipped pants and a Coed. It was posted on Instagram. He stepped down as President of Liberty University and he and his wife’s sex lives became tabloid fodder.

  • Hunter Biden and his thousands of emails and photos. Initially he was caught on film smoking crack, but after his laptop was discovered at a computer repair shop, we are now seeing some very disturbing stuff. Plenty of reasons being said why the computer showed up, but no one in the Biden camp is saying the emails are false. One thing is for sure, he never thought those emails would see the light of day.

Bottom line is that your life in the digital world can be made available for all to see. Every email and text sent on a company phone or laptop, every camera and video surveillance unit that captures you is probably somewhere just waiting to be exploited. All those photos on social media from Spring Break and Uncle Larry’s party are available to HR “professionals” all over the world. Even with your camera off on your computer, the Chinese may be looking! Paranoid? Maybe, but if you must do things your mother would not be proud of, don’t do it in public, on-line or near a camera. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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