Public School Non-Negotiables

With many large public-school systems still closed to in-person learning and summer just a few months away, it is a good time to evaluate your children’s educational options. For those that send children to government-controlled schools, it’s time to take a deep dive to ensure they are getting a parent approved education. Despite what school teachers and administrators say, parents are the customers of their children’s education and need to remain in charge. is here to provide a public service with a school “non negotiables” tool to help you decide if you should be seeking better alternatives for your children:

First, find another school if they:

  • Don’t provide grades

  • Teach math without right and wrong answers

  • Use the debunked 1619 project as valid history

  • Use curriculum from the Gates Foundation

  • Support curriculum from Black Lives Matter

  • Base teaching on critical race theory

  • Teach biology that includes more than two sexes and two genders.

Next, it is imperative that they teach the following:

  • You must take responsibility for your own conduct

  • Race is the least important aspect of another person

  • Hard work and rational thought are the things we all value

  • There is nothing wrong with the bodies we are born into

  • America was not founded to promote racism but to guarantee sacred liberties and opportunities to its citizens.

  • Real math, correct English and hard science

Many parents discovered just how bad their schools were when listening in to their kid’s online classes during the pandemic. Well, think how bad it really is when teachers can control the environment and what parents see and hear! Gerald Friedman, social scientist and author of the book The Breaking of a Child’s Spirit said, “Several generations of children have been indoctrinated with leftist dogma and many are lost. Look at the drug addition, mental illness and gender confusion with young people today. It’s time we focused on the next generation while we have time to save them.”

Marjorie Huffer, education specialist from the Dr. Jill Biden Marginal at Best Education Center, Delaware said, “There is no cause for concern. As education experts, we know what is best for our nation’s children. This curriculum is well tested and proves to help children adapt to the realities of life; sex and gender are fluid, America is a racist nation and all but white males are victims of capitalism.”

Its time for parents to get educated and take back control. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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