Progressive States Considering an “Overweight Tax”

It has been reported that several progressive states including California, New Jersey and New York are in final stages of implementing a tax on overweight people. An anonymous source close to the work said, “They have been working on this for several months given state budgets are in shambles due to COVID. They have been considering many options but this seems to be the most palatable. Overweight people are disliked nearly as much as white males.” has obtained a number of documents that are reportedly from the work done by “The Committee on Personal Responsibility.” Some of the details from these documents include:

  • All people between the ages of 12 and 79 over the “desired” weight determined by the states will be subject to the tax.

  • Tax rates will be determined by each state but it seems California is looking at $20.00 per pound per year. New Jersey is $15.00 and New York $50.00. A maximum tax of $7000 per year seems to be the universal upper threshold the states are considering.

  • Those individuals weighing over 100 pounds above the desired weight will be required to enroll in weight reduction programs including activities such as highway work crews, general construction of government buildings, parks and other facilities.

  • Overweight people will be forbidden from using elevators, escalators and front parking spots. Businesses will be required to designate spots far away in parking lots for those needing “to walk more”.

Insiders close to the work have reported that the committee has been concerned with public reaction to the tax and have identified key talking points to win public approval:

  • Overweight people use additional state resources including water, sewer, transportation and medical expenses and should be paying more for them.

  • Overweight people pollute more including CO2 and methane gas.

  • The overweight drive up the cost of food and clothing.

  • It is unsafe and selfish.

One group of lawyers is already pushing for reparations for skinny people. The group’s spokesperson, Shady Limp said, “Skinny people have been picking up the tab for those overwieght citizens using more of our valuable resources. It is time they got their fair share. We plan on going back in family history to determine whose ancestors were fat and tax them as well.”

Some say this is draconian and ridiculous. “The public is likely to rebel against any move like this,” said Tammy Duckfoot, personal trainer. Others disagree. One final mention from the obtained committee papers said, “We believe we can win public approval in much the same way we have them wearing masks, social distancing and staying away from large gatherings. We just need to shame and scare them.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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