Portland’s Last Line of Defense – Old People

As the city of Portland continues to burn and suffer from civil unrest, unlikely super heroes are emerging ready to defend the city – senior citizens. Late last week three brave senior women took to the streets to defend a police station and other city buildings. They were attacked with paint, projectiles and verbal abuse by the “peaceful protesters.”

Nell Burgeson, spokesperson for the senior group Time Is Up, Nothing to Lose said “We have seen enough. The mayor Ted Wheeler, the city council and our fellow citizens are cowering to these young thugs. We needed to act.” Act they did. One woman tried to put out the fire near a Portland police station while officers stayed inside. Others emerged from their buildings to tell the rioters they should be ashamed of themselves and needed a good paddling.

Pat Mealy, President of the US Neighborhood Watch organization commented, “Normally we educate people to report suspicious behavior and not act on their own. However, riots have been going on for over two months with little help coming, so we commend these ladies. Finally, a few brave Portland citizens did the right thing.” caught up with locals leaving a neighborhood Starbucks and asked for comment. Most hid their faces and asked not to be identified. However, one man said “I think it was great what these ladies did. After all, they are old and have led long lives. Most of us here have families and careers. It would be a pity to throw that all away. Plus, who hits old people?”

Apparently, Antifa rioters hit seniors as video of these events indicated. But unlike so many of our politicians, police chiefs and fellow citizens, these ladies called them for what they were, “young thugs” and stood up to defend right from wrong. A lesson it seems most Americans needed to be taught. Hopefully it's not too late. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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