"OK Boomer's" Fight Back With “My, My Millennial”

As a result of a common answer to Baby Boomers on social media, “OK, Boomer”, a retort is springing up “My, My Millennial”. The new phrase is thought to have started at “The Villages”, a senior living neighborhood located in Florida. It has spread to retirement communities, RV parks, community centers, Elks Lodges and flip phones everywhere. "OK Boomer” is often used as a response to baby boomers lecturing us on everything. They go on and on about how things use to be,” said Trevor Scholl, a 32-year-old assistant credit analyst, at Bob’s discount furniture, Edison, NJ. “Frankly we are tired of the whole world always being about them,” he said.

James Sorenson, retired plastics executive, The Villages, FL is thought to be the first one to coin the term. “I got tired of all the complaining from Millennials I know. Student loans, product of a divorce, can’t find a suitable mate, not the boss yet, blah, blah, blah,” he said. “They just can’t stop complaining. Then I realized all of this was the fault of us boomers. When my daughter was young, I would always say, my my honey, it’s ok you didn’t win, you still get a medal. Problems at school? My my honey, let me call the teacher. I realized we fixed everything for them.” So, when I saw the complaining on Facebook, I just typed, my, my millennial and it caught on”.

Bea Howard, retired office manager, Sun City, AZ said, “I love it. It really sums up how I feel and it is easy to punch in on my Jitterbug.” Jessica Flores, 27-year-old blogger from Austin Texas said with a sly smile, “Let them have their fun, we know every year the frequency of this retort will be less and less”.

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