Now They Are Super Serial

One of South Park’s most classic episodes was the one featuring Al Gore. It contains hilarious bits as Mr. Gore hunts the elusive Man Bear Pig threatening children. As residents of South Park begin doubting the existence of this child killer, Al Gore yells “I’m Super Serial!” Similarly, as things fall apart for the Biden White House, it’s left media mouth pieces and progressives all over the country are insisting they are now really “super serial”.

As the losses keep mounting for the left’s agenda, they are becoming louder and less coherent. Inflation and the border are out of control. Foreign policy is a mess as Russia and China sniff out weakness of this administration. Hoax after hoax that had their base fired up is going up in smoke. Crime in blue cities is setting records but instead of retrenching and trying to get aligned with the American public, the leftist elites get more and more serious. Let’s take a look:

  • London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco, is “super serial” about crime. Yep, the leftist that promoted defunding police and “equity” in the criminal justice system is faced with a crime wave unprecedented in the city. Literally, drug addicts are buying drugs across the street from city hall after defecating on the sidewalks. Smash and grabs have become an art form while retailers close their doors or add private security. But now the mayor is serious about cracking down on crime? Not even bay area residents are this stupid, are they?

  • California adds indoor mask mandate. Governor Newsome and health officials are now “super serial” about Covid with the outbreak of the Omicron variant. This is despite the fact that Ted Kennedy had killed as many people as this variant has. But the cowards of California continue to buy into this crap. News flash to California (New York also) the rest of us have moved on with our lives and we find you tiresome.

  • Don Lemon celebrating the decline of gas prices. Recently, the low rated CNN commentator was “super serial” and celebratory about gas prices coming down a few cents. The giddy dim wit must not know that gas prices are up 58% since Biden took office. They aren’t coming down significantly for a long time despite Biden being “super serial” and releasing a days’ worth of oil from the country’s reserves.

  • The January 6th commission is “super, super serial.” RINO Liz Cheney tried to insist that Fox News was in on the January 6th riots despite her own testimony pointing out that several Fox commentators implored the President to speak out against violence that day. However, no mention on why the capitol was not better protected by police given the size of crowds. Also, despite video and the potential of geo fencing cellular data, the person who placed the pipe bombs the night before the rally has not been caught. Finally, no review of police procedures when an unarmed woman was shot and killed entering the capitol. Any level headed person can see this is a sham.

So, what is left for the left to run on? We can assume they will continue to milk the COVID pandemic for all they can. Despite vaccinations and other therapeutics available, the Biden Administration will act like God and insist they can eliminate the virus. They can’t and won’t. Also, they will play up January 6th as an “insurrection”. All those conservatives and republicans supported it of course. This is despite not naming one person besides a few crazies and some undercover feds that pushed for rioting the capitol.

As the left gets desperate and “super serial”, they are leaving behind the majority of Americans. All they have left is a few misguided consumers of left-wing media that continue to believe the narratives and the elites and powerful that want to stay that way.

Americans can see the lies and the false narratives and in less than a year will be “super serial” at the ballot box. November can’t come soon enough. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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