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In America today we all think we are the smart ones and everyone that does not agree with us are dummies. The pompous media elites, public officials, social media influencers, sports figures and Hollywood celebrities all pontificate narratives and dogma. Some of us agree with them, others do not. What is to be believed? decided to provide a public service so that once and for all, Americans can know where they stand on the dummy scale. Please answer yes or no to the following statements and see your score below:

  • Natural immunity from Covid is not as good as the vaccine

  • Being against vaccine mandates make a person an anti-vaxxer

  • COVID absolutely did not come from a Wuhan Chinese lab

  • COVID-19 could not have been man made

  • Saying COVID came from China equals Asian hate

  • States with stricter COVID mandates fared better than states with more liberal policies

  • George Floyd was a good role model for the black community and deserves statues

  • Saying “All Lives Matter” is racist

  • The 1619 project is good history

  • Thousands of unarmed black men are killed by police each year

  • If you insist only women can have babies makes you transphobic

  • Angry parents at school board meetings are domestic terrorists and should be investigated by the FBI

  • Children should be taught Diversity & Inclusion and Critical Race Theory in public school

  • The January 6th capitol riot was an insurrection

  • Several Capitol police were killed during the January 6th riots

  • The $3.5 billion “build back better” proposal is free for most Americans

  • The wealthiest top 5% don’t pay their fair share of taxes

  • Countries like Sweden and Norway are socialist


  • 0-1 yesses. You are not a dummy. Most likely you have varied sources for your information and you challenge yourself to look past simple narratives to understand the complexities of the issues.

  • 2-4 yesses. Borderline dummy. You are looking for simple answers to complex questions. You are highly suggestable. You have a tendency to follow the crowd. You know that some of your logic is circular or non sensical but dammit, you are sticking with it. You can be saved but you should turn off cable news, NPR and the network morning programs. Restrict social media and try adding a podcast or two from a more conservative commentator or thoughtful liberal. Try Coffee with Scott Adams, The Megyn Kelly Podcast or Dave Rubin for one week. At first it will be painful but over time it will bring balance to your life view.

  • 5+ yesses. Indoctrinated dummy. You are either a powerful elite or an elite wannabe. If not, you are not a dummy at all but a pawn for the powerful. You think you are hip, progressive and speaking truth to power however you are supporting the status quo. You are a racist yet think you are fighting racism. You think equality and equity are the same thing. Your beliefs have turned to religious dogma and you hate those that do not conform to your way of thinking. If you are ever given total power, you would gladly pull the lever of the guillotine on others that do not comply with your mandates. But watch out! They will eventually come for you too. No one is pure enough.

You are welcome. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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