Non-Profit Launches “Candles for California”

We know how advanced and progressive California is. Just ask any Californian and they will be happy to tell you that. Unfortunately, no matter how innovative, rich and more sophisticated they are than the rest of us, the state has a problem keeping the lights on. Just last week, California told its residents to expect rolling blackouts throughout the summer.

Yes, California has been under progressive rule for decades and it shows. In addition to struggling to keep the lights on it also leads the nation in welfare spending, poverty and homelessness. Its income inequality is greater than Mexico. To say California is a mess is an understatement and charity groups are starting to come to its aid.

A nonprofit organization famous for bringing water wells to poor areas of Africa and condoms to lepers in Mongolia has now turned it sights to help beleaguered Californians. The Organization to Help the Less Fortunate (OHLF) has announced a new charity effort “Candles for California”. Spokesperson for OHLF, Jennifer Tatas says, “What we are seeing in many socialist countries is now in California; a breakdown of basic services. We could not stay on the sidelines any longer. We have launched ‘Candles for California’ in attempt to bring light to so many in darkness.”

The group will take monetary donations to buy candles for the 40 million residents of California. This way, “When the lights go out, they will have some way to get around once the flashlight app on their phones runs out of battery,” said Ms. Tatas. The organization said it can only take monetary donations and not actual candles given the strict environmental laws in the golden state. Some candles are not allowed. It seems fragrances can fool the spotted honeybee into thinking their queen is actually a male. Thus, not allowing any offspring to be produced.

Speaking of environmental concerns. The reason California is in a power crisis in the first place is a direct result of wayward green initiatives. Instead of modernizing their power grid and investing in the cleanest power generation (nuclear) they built solar and wind farms. Both, not only dirty forms of “green” energy, but also unable to handle peak demands periods like hot summers. Also, not investing in their current grid has left them vulnerable to fires from faulty power lines near forests unable to be thinned due to environmental regulation.

It’s also important to note that Californians pays 60% more for electricity than the national average. “Getting what you pay for” is obviously something residents have given up on in many ways. Taxes and fees for better roads, bullet trains and water are just some examples.

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