No Representation without Cognition

Senator Bill Cassidy, GOP Senator from Louisiana and medical doctor has proposed that all members within the three branches of government have regular cognitive tests. This way we can be assured that our representatives do not continue to serve their constituents if significant senility or cognitive decline has occurred.

Heartland News supports the effort to retire our elected officials who no longer can carry out a reasonably good job at their responsibilities due to cognitive decline. Let’s look at some of the obvious examples within our government:

  • President Biden. We cannot pretend that our President is all there. It is obvious when he loses his place on a teleprompter, goes rogue on some story without a point or ending and needs help finding an exit. The man has lost a good portion of his intellect and is being boosted up by his handlers. The white house resembles the party at “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

  • Diane Feinstein. At 87 years of age, her own staff has said her short-term memory is in decline to the point where she does not remember that she was briefed on a subject just a few minutes earlier.

  • Don Young. The oldest swerving member in congress. He is 87 years of age and has served in congress for 48 years. No record of any mental decline we can uncover, however he was born during the great depression, the machine gun was invented and a man first traveled in an airplane around the world solo. Prohibition was rescinded the year he was born. I wonder how he feels about artificial intelligence and it's impact on educational systems?

  • Jerold Nadler. Only 74 years old but considered a real mess. Famous for his staff making fun of his weight and allegedly pooping his pants in public. He was the only one the Democrats could get to run the second impeachment for Donald Trump. We all know what a sh*t show that was (pardon the pun).

There are seven senators above the age of 80 serving in congress with an astounding 22 in their 70’s. In addition, 43% of members of the House of representatives are 60 or older. As we age, we face a higher potential of cognitive decline. But another question nearly as important is how relevant are their experiences for our nation today? In a recent exchange with Silicon Valley executives, it was embarrassing how little our congress knew about technology. One asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai about the workings of an iPhone. One senator was flabbergasted to learn that Facebook makes money from advertising.

Our most senior members within government seem increasingly unable to comprehend a world growing more socially, economically and technologically multifaceted. In fact, more than a handful seem unable to fully comprehend their own world. The grip of power for the political parties, elites and the individual members is too tight for them to let go. Even though their shelf life of usefulness has past.

Either we demand mandatory retirement ages for our leaders or better yet, require representation with cognition. Being older does not necessarily mean out of touch or in cognitive decline. But we can also see that many of our government leaders need to move on. The citizenry is in desperate need of relevant and fully engaged leadership. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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