No, No, No, Journalists, You Don’t Get to Change Your Minds

Have you noticed the change in attitude by corporate media? Whether it is the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN or MSNBC they are all questioning everything Biden. After carrying his water through the election and first 20 months of the Biden Presidency they are now turning on him. Despite Joe Biden supporting all of their crazy leftist policies, they are now questioning his age, his passion and his ability to handle his administration. All while his approval rating craters.

Why are the journalists and cable news pundits turning on good old Joe? The short answer is they have no choice. Someone has to take the fall for the failed policies of the left. Throwing uncle Joe under the bus makes it his fault and not the fact that their policies don’t work, have never worked and do not hold up under scrutiny.

The dirty little secret is the left got over their ski tips. They went too far in pushing their agenda. The American people including moderate democrats are not in favor of:

  • Late term abortion

  • Trans activism

  • Preferred pronouns

  • Gender ideology

  • Open borders

  • Cancel culture

  • War on religion

  • Packing the Supreme Court

  • Critical Race Theory racism

  • Gun control

  • Out of control government spending

  • Government takeover of the healthcare system

  • Stopping school choice

  • Defunding the police

  • No bail and bail reform letting criminals back on the street

  • The curtailing of fossil fuel production

These are all policies that the left and their media mouthpieces have been pushing and the Biden Administration gladly supported. It’s hard to believe our current administration and their media lap dogs are so tone deaf. But they are.

Now the media is worried. The American people are not buying the BS no matter how mad, loud and obnoxious they get. It doesn’t help that they are openly hostile to the very same Americans that bought their crap in the first place. Republican's, independents and some democrats are fed up. Americans are a forgiving people generally, but we see through the media's plan to stick it to Biden to save their agenda.

Joe Biden is weak. We all know that. But the media and the minority of radical leftists are to blame. We know they supported Biden. But their guy is failing, and we will not forget how much they supported him in the past. We noticed when they asked no hard questions, covered up Hunter Biden’s influence peddling and blamed the economic troubles on everything but Biden.

Americans are saying….. “Oh no, you don’t get to change your mind now! We will not let you head fake this one away.

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