New York Apologizes for Being “Jerks”

It seems New Yorkers are reflecting on their behavior in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the nation’s charitable response to one of the hardest hit states. In an open letter to the nation written by Burroughs 4.5, an organization that supports the ‘four beautiful Burroughs and Staten Island,” said, “on behalf of the entire state but mostly New York City, we apologize for:

  • Our attitude of superiority. Afterall, we are the financial and fashion capital of the world, have the largest media companies, a once great newspaper and the best damn pizza anywhere.

  • Exporting failed policing, housing, gun, tax and homeless policies to the rest of the nation.

  • Taxing first responders and essential workers who temporarily moved to our state to help during the pandemic crisis.

  • Putting “Cats” on Broadway and making it a worldwide sensation.

  • Presidential candidates that failed to capture the imagination and votes of regular Americans.

  • Our leaders expecting, almost demanding, that the nation pay for our poor budgeting decisions of the past.”

The letter went on to say, “we would like to send a special message to our brothers and sisters in New Jersey. Before the crisis, some saw you as just ‘bridge and tunnel’ people. Sort of a suburb, without the charm. Although both the Jets and Giants play in New Jersey, we would never allow them to claim your state as their own. You have been the hardest hit by this crisis and we truly are sorry for being such jerks.”

Fellow Americans from around the country rallied to New York’s side during the pandemic. There were countless stories of citizens offering financial and spiritual help along with supplies and services to the families and cities hardest hit. As the letter pointed out, “it demonstrates deep down inside we are all part of the American family. In a crisis we offer love and aid to even our most obstinate children.”

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