New Trend: Privileged Elites Giving Up Fortunes

A new trend has emerged within the woke elite. They have railed against white privilege and capitalism excesses for quite some time and now are prepared to give up their fortunes as a way to demonstrate their commitment to the causes they have been fighting for. We wanted to take a look at some of these principled elite heroes.

Let’s start with the Hollywood and sport industry elite. Those that make their living selling us entertainment. For years they have used award shows, late night talk shows and celebrity interviews to talk about the injustices in American life. They have supported racial quotas for acting, directing and coaching roles. They kneel during the national anthem and support communist China over America. Up until now they have lectured us but have not been willing to give up their private jets, multiple mansions, endorsements and the lifestyles of the rich and famous…until now.

Below are some that have decided to give up their fortunes:

Oh, wait. I guess we cannot find any. None that will give up nearly everything for reparations or better inner-city schools. None that will give up their mansion as a way to integrate their gated communities. None that will give up their kid’s place in line at that elite private school so others who are less fortunate can attend.

The educational elite are certainly ready to give until it hurts. Those, up until now, only supported admission racial quotas or pushed for more leftist teachers. You know the ones that fill the heads of the privileged students at top private colleges with leftist dogma? Those that pursued communist Chinese money for our research labs. It seems now that some have seen the light and are ready to give up the tenure, book deals, speaking engagements and top paying administration positions gained by “racial capitalism”.

Let’s celebrate these principled academicians:

Oh wait, we cannot find any. Although they have railed against the excesses of American freedom, capitalism and culture, none have emerged to give up their fortunes for the poor, the forgotten or the marginalized.

Well certainly the corporate elites will step up. From the big tech oligarchs, to the senior management in corporations and nonprofits, they are seeing the light. You know, the ones that shove unproven diversity and inclusion training down the throats of employees and run flashy brand campaigns to promote trendy social justice issues. Those that control what is appropriate to say or publish.

Up until now they did those things to escape cancel culture but today, we celebrate those true believers:

Umm, it seems we cannot find any here either. None willing to give up the corporate lifestyle. The homes, vacations, private schools and expensive wine so that more than just a few of the “little people” supported by your bloated charities are helped.

We would turn to the political and political connected elite but we already know that they are the biggest takers of them all. They are the capitalistic wannabees that cannot make it on their own, so they use their positions to funnel money, perks and prestige to themselves and their families. They are certainly not giving up their book deals, speaking engagements, consulting gigs and global contacts so that the dream of unity can be reached in one lifetime.

At we do not demonize successful people. Those for the most part that worked hard, sacrificed to reach elite status. We just are sick of being lectured to on the unfairness of life as you jet set and take advantage of the true privilege provided by wealth.

You see, the elites from entertainment, education, corporations and politics are not that interested in changing society if it means they must give up their privilege. That’s a good thing to remember next time they tell us what we must give up in the name of their social justice. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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