Guide: “100 Worst Recruiting Colleges” to be Published

Parents and students have often used publications like US News “Best Colleges” and University Review’s “100 Top Colleges and Universities” to help guide their choices for schools to put on the short list. A new publication is in the works to identify the worst colleges to recruit from. The Society of College Recruiters (SCR) is set to publish the list and it is sure to raise some eyebrows.

Spokesperson for SCR, Diggby Defender states, “We wanted to provide potential employers with a data driven list of colleges to avoid when hiring. These colleges have the potential to produce recruits with bad habits, weak sets of beliefs, and a worldview incompatible with running a successful organization".

The key determinants in ranking these colleges along with the justification for the criteria are below:

  • Safe spaces and hate speech rules: In the real world, employees need to deal with others that have different views and opinions. The marketplace of ideas can at times deliver tough talk and rough critique. Students that are protected are easily damaged and too meek for a merit-based system.

  • Lack of diverse organizations and clubs: Campuses that do not have strong religion, conservative and traditional value clubs to help offset the leftist college agenda are producing recruits without reasoning and negotiating skills.

  • Number of gender specific, ethnic and cultural classes and degrees: The higher number, the less likely a recruit will be successful in organizations that value individual and team performance. These recruits most often view the world in favored groups and are unable to judge performance beyond how one looks.

  • History classes without historical context: Judging the past through today’s moral and world view is ego-centric and childish. This indicates low levels of empathy and understanding. Stay away from any school teaching the “1619 Project” or other simplistic historical perspectives.

  • Anti-capitalism economic courses: Despite its flaws, capitalism has lifted billions out of poverty and produced virtually all innovation to improve the lives of everybody. College economic approaches that do not support capitalism may produce plenty of journalists, lawyers and politicians, but also low performing employees.

  • Percent of student population working: Let’s face it. Given the amount of time students are actually in class and attending school is minimal. Much different than the world of work which demands 40-60 hours a week. If students are not working in addition to going to school, this indicates unwillingness to keep pace in the workplace.

SCR refused to provide any colleges on the list prior to publication. However, some information was leaked. Berkeley, New York University, Boston College, Vermont University, American University, Columbia, Northwestern and many Ivy League schools made the list. Mr. Defender said "for some positions, organizations might consider hiring high school graduates and put them through an apprenticeship program rather than spend the dollars needed to retrain and reeducate college graduates from the worst colleges." has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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