NBA Pressured to Become More Diverse

The National Basketball Association recently announced the hiring of Oris Stuart as the league's, "Chief People and Inclusion Officer," a newly created administrative position. We at are happy to see the NBA finally realizing there is not enough diversity in the organization. It is abundantly clear by scanning NBA rosters that several key groups are underrepresented. Below are the details:

  • Players over 50 years of age – According to spokesperson for the National Association for the Advancement of Old People (NAAOP), Stu P. Shat, “Outside of a few token coaches, no team has any people over 50 in the highest paid roster positions.” The NAAOP wants more +50 players recruited and rule changes as well; the 24 second clock changed to one minute, 20 seconds and a no shot blocking inside the key. We asked Mr. Shat if he didn’t think that would severely hurt the quality of basketball and he said, “Even asking that question shows your meritocracy privilege.”

  • Protected race classes – Several races are or almost completely absent from team rosters. Japanese, Mexican, Native American, Indonesians and African Pigmies are not well represented on any team. Iris S. Blind, professor for ethnic studies at Hudson Military College said, “This is an obvious example of workplace bias. Teams should be creating an environment in which people from all races and backgrounds can succeed.” She is not only calling for immediate quota setting but also changes in hiring criteria. “Speed, quickness, agility and vertical jumping are clear requirements that exclude very capable people from NBA teams. This must change.”

  • Women – It is hard to believe that the NBA has come this far without the hiring of women players. After all, women represent over 50% of all humankind and to not have them on any team is clearly sexist. We asked spokesperson for the Women’s Semi -Professional Basketball Players Association, Clara M. Hater, if she thought it was time for women players to break into the NBA and she said, “I believe so. The WNBA is struggling for audience and profitability. Our players make less than 25% of what NBA players make. Plus, the WNBA is fighting like crazy to keep transgender women from dominating the league.”

Sources close to the NBA have told us Mr. Stuart has been assigned one specific goal to better match the NBA to its audience and major stakeholder. Recruiting more Chinese players. Pressure from shoe manufacturers and the Chinese Communist Party have made it clear that the Chinese market is top priority. One source said, “We will see an onslaught of Chinese players added to teams over the next couple of years. In addition, it is obvious the NBA is no longer and American company so we expect to see the corporate headquarters moved to Beijing in less than a decade.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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