Moxing – New Trend in Social Media

Doxing is a tool used by the cancel culture and those interested in intimidating people they disagree with. Doxers search for and publish private or identifying information about a particular individual on the internet, typically with malicious intent. Famous examples include publishing of Tucker Carlson’s home address resulting in agitators harassing his family. Michelle Obama was doxed and her credit report, social security number and Banana Republic credit card were published.

A new trend is appearing on social media called moxing. It is similar to doxing with one major difference. It is meant to mock people making bad choices and use them as an example for others. interviewed a moxer and was provided several examples of successful moxing efforts:

  • A BLM / Antifa rioter that broke a hip and dislocated a shoulder after jumping on a moving car received dozens of encrypted emails. Each had an electronic pay stub with personal information blacked out but the pay and benefits clearly visible. Most showed pay in the six figures and a caption like “Might consider getting a real f**king job” or “Car jockeys don’t make sh*t”.

  • Lawyers Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman were charged with distributing Molotov cocktails to protesters in Brooklyn and released on bond awaiting trial. While at home they received a picture of a masked couple sitting on a sun lit patio with what looks like champagne. Another picture shows the same couple, but from a drone above and you can see the patio is on a large yacht. A caption reads, “Successful lawyers choose to obey the law, cheers to your new life at Rikers”.

  • Gender studies students at Stanford University were sent emails with pictures of smiling baristas and fast food workers cut right out of employment advertisements. Captions read “your future career! Still time to change majors, but if not remember I want my Caramel Frap without whip”. Also, “Yes you can take my order.”

  • A young woman suffered severe burns on both hands and arms when an incendiary device she was using to burn a church exploded. While recovering in the hospital she received several get-well cards with captions like, “Now that hand modeling is out of the question, please use this time to think of better choices,” and “What will you tell your kids? Mommy went through a church burning stage?”

Moxing is not complete until the actual activity is also published on social media. The moxer we spoke to said “We do get some satisfaction out of ridiculing them but the bigger benefit is making a mockery out of their behavior for others to see. This way, we hope to discourage the glamorizing of anti-social and woke behavior. Nothing scares easily fooled and influenced young people then social ridicule. They would just as soon die than to be made fun of.” has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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