Missouri Pushing Annexation of St. Louis

Anonymous sources close to Missouri’s state government are reporting that the state is looking to annex the city of St. Louis and some of its suburbs to a neighboring state. The front runner seems to be Illinois. At time of publication Heartland News was unable to get confirmation but rumors have persisted for months that a deal is in the works.

One has to look no further than the latest crime statistics to understand why Missouri wants to dump the city. Under Tishaura Jones, St. Louis’ mayor, the murder rate has climbed to the highest in the nation. 87 persons per 100000 residents have been murdered over the last year. Not only is it the highest murder rate in the country but it is the highest in over 50 years. Do we need to mention that Ms. Jones campaigned on police and prison reform?

Some close to the mayor’s office have attributed the increase to the COVID-19 pandemic as many cities have seen an increase in murders. However, even before the pandemic St. Louis led the nation. That is saying something when you are competing against dumpster fire cities like Baltimore, Chicago and New York.

Sources say that Missouri reached out to Illinois, Tennessee and Indiana for prospective buyers. Illinois makes the most sense as a buyer given the following:

  • The city of East St. Louis is in Illinois already. You could easily combine two dumps into one.

  • St. Louis’ mimics Chicago more than any city in Missouri. Both democratic controlled messes that have seen large migration out of the city due to staggering crime rates, corruption, high taxes and terrible schools.

  • A sale to Tennessee would involve giving up a large portion of rural Missouri and valuable Mississippi River flood plain.

  • A sale to Indiana would require a large portion of southern Illinois residents becoming Hoosiers. A prospect that Illinois residents would likely welcome but Illinois tax collectors would not. Somebody has to pay for all that corruption.

The deal with Illinois is far along but a couple of sticking points remain. First, Missouri must work out an exit plan for all residents. The current thinking is each resident moving to Illinois would get a one-time payment of $5000 to make up for the increased taxes the new Illinois residents will pay. Second, a few residents may want to remain in Missouri and will be incentivized to move once they pass a civics test that demonstrates they understand the constitution and the concept of self-reliance. A monetary value for relocating to a better part of Missouri has not been set.

A final sticking point is what to do with the professional sports teams? Current thinking is that the St. Louis Cardinals will be renamed the Columbia Cardinals and play at Mizzou stadium until a new stadium can be constructed. Many want to see the Blues hockey team go to Illinois given their blow-out defeat to the Avalanche in the NHL playoffs but sources say they would move to the capitol, Jefferson City.

Current sale price for St. Louis is reported to be one dollar.

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