Message to Woke Companies – Go Back to Sleep!

Woke companies are falling all over themselves to weigh in on current events. The latest include Major League Baseball, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Marriott, Coca-Cola and a host of others. Taking bold stands against fair voting, Asian hate or whatever the cause of the day seems to be. But the question is really how bold are these companies? Why are they doing it, and should be believe their moral sincerity?

First, how brave and bold are these organizations? Not much really. I mean who is against fair elections or for hate? These are easy things to be for and against. Especially when the company statements are full of hyperbole and short on specifics. Take the airlines for instance. All up in arms about legislation proposed in Texas and Georgia around voter ID. Instead of digging in to the details and specifically arguing points they just spout generalities. As if you can hop on one of their jets without showing identification.

And for the companies taking a bold stance against Asian hate. Hate is never right. We all know that, but they are taking a small problem and making it bigger on purpose. Yes, the amount of hate crimes against Asians has nearly tripled according to government statistics. As of March 2021, nearly 150 hate crimes have been reported against Asian Americans up from just 42 the year prior. And every one of the perpetrators should be held accountable. But considering there are 330 million Americans and over 20 million with Asian roots, it seems the problem is isolated and extremely small. Despite what they want us to believe, American society is very tolerant and supportive.

If Marriott and the MLB wanted to be bold, they would voice concern about a whole population of Asian Muslims being forced into re-education camps in communist China. Often raped, beaten and subject to forced sterilization. Many are never heard from again. My guess is you won’t hear anything because they like doing business in China, and it is so very “woke” to push race issues in America. The Chinese love when you do that as well.

So, it’s not bold or particularly provocative. Why do it then? To be sure you would have to be listening in at the executive suites of these companies. What you can bet on is that these are not some half-baked ideas generating from a lone corporate cowboy. No, these are well thought out and planned by executives and public relations organizations. Led by highly paid executives often making high 6 and 7 figure incomes. They pick easy topics that help their employees, constituents and customers feel good and keep the woke mob and cancel culture at bay. And of course, they can walk proudly into that trade event, political fundraiser or charity event knowing they are on the right and moral side.

But how much moral credit should we give these organizations? I suggest not much until they tackle the major issues affecting our society. Inner city crime, political corruption, socialist takeover of free enterprise, human rights violations across the globe and racism that exists in all cultures and races. Yep, when they voice up against the murdering of the LGBT community in the middle east, women rights issues around the world and the mass extinction of religious groups especially when their pocketbook might be affected, then we can give them some credit.

The amazing thing is how little Americans question this woke behavior. We are better than that. It is time we ask these woke companies to just do what they do best and when it comes to faux moral outrage, just go back to sleep. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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