Let’s Have a HOAX OFF

Recently commentators on CNN have suggested that networks such as OANN and Newsmax should be taken off the air because they support conspiracy theories and fake news. Many of us from the heartland immediately thought "now that is the pot calling the kettle black.” In our view CNN is one of the biggest hoax offenders.

Recently we heard a great suggestion to address the validity of news networks. Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic and best-selling author recently suggested we conduct a “Hoax Off.” Make a list of the hoaxes that each network promotes to see just what network is the biggest violator. We are happy to start the list by pointing out the hoaxes supported by CNN:

  • Russia Collusion – 3+ years and no evidence.

  • Covington Kids – Oops! that hoax cost CNN millions.

  • “Fine People” – read the complete transcript. Trump never said white nationalists were fine people.

  • Riots mostly peaceful – Tell that to Portland, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Washington D.C..

  • Obama Presidency controversy free – Did you forget about Benghazi, weaponized IRS, Guns for hire and Russia Collusion?

  • Hunter Biden did nothing wrong – At least not until after the election.

  • Antifa just a philosophy – This philosophy is still rioting in Portland.

  • George Floyd was killed by police – Nope, fentanyl was the reason.

  • Jacob Blake had no weapon – He recently admitted he had a knife.

CNN and other left leaning news outlets are proponents of censoring speech they do not like or agree with. It seems many of their viewers agree with stopping such “hate speech.” We encourage those viewers to take a look at the list above and ask themselves - who really are the hoaxers and haters? has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. To get all of our posts consider subscribing.

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