Leftists Forced to Redefine “White Privilege”

The term ‘white privilege” has been around for years. It is a term designed to stop debate on racial questions and to promote the idea that all white people are the beneficiaries of privilege. Leftists have run into a bit of a dilemma however and have been forced to change their simplistic definition based on some hard facts; millions of Americans of all races have no privilege. Below is an example:

Nine of the poorest counties in the nation are in Eastern Kentucky. The poverty rate in one county, Owlsey County, is 45% and across the entire Appalachian region poverty is at 20%. Average household income is $30,000 across Appalachia. Suicide rate is 17% higher than average with a high incidence of opioid addiction.

The New York Times Magazine published in 2014 that the worst quality of life in the entire country was Eastern Kentucky. Clay county’s median household income is $22,296, half the nationwide income. Only 7.4% have a bachelors degree or higher, disability rate 11.4% compared to the nation at 1.3%. Life expectancy is 6 years shorter than average; half of the county is obese. Eastern Kentucky is overwhelmingly white.

Gerald Fiedler, President of Building a Color-Blind World, said, “Millions of Americans of all races and ethnicities have similar issues. They are poor so no economic privilege, they have no access to good education so they have no education privilege, they do not have good healthcare so no healthcare privilege. Do the systems privilege them? Colleges, employers, and political systems do not generally favor them. Though some minorities do get special compensation. Generally, no system favors them. Whether a poor child in a Kentucky trailer park or a child in the inner city, the world is stacked against them”.

Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies from Angela Davis University, Libby Libster said when confronted with facts of Eastern Kentucky, “Those people are not actually white. They are treated like black and brown people so inside they are not really white. Think about it, rich conservatives of all colors are more alike than people from inner cities and poor rural areas. They are all white inside. Today you can tell a person’s color by how they behave and what they believe.”

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