Leftist vs. Liberal; Do You Know the Difference?

There is a joke going around conservative circles that goes something like this. What is the difference between todays leftist and liberal? Answer; the leftist burns books, liberals read them first. A funny (to some of us) nod to the fact that leftists are bootstrapping goons and liberals are their supporters too smart to get their hands dirty. But is that true?

Not even close. Let’s looks at the differences:

  • Leftists want speech and expression they don’t agree with to be banned. Stripped from the public square, history, schools and social media. They want those that say it to be canceled, de-platformed, arrested and shunned. Liberals are often associated with the adage “I may vehemently oppose what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” They can separate a person’s political and social views from one’s character.

  • Leftists want to divide the country. They support multi-culturalism. They drive division by race, sex and sexual orientation. Liberals believe in one encompassing American culture tent that is big enough to include everyone.

  • Leftists believe in the collective first. Individual freedom and rights are second, if at all, to the good of the group. Liberals remain committed to the fundamental promises of America. Freedom of speech, worship, assembly and equal protection under the law.

  • Leftist believe that America is an evil country. They want to fundamentally change America’s system of government. Liberals believe in America. They know it has many flaws but believe that positive change can be brought about within the system. They know America alone has lifted billions out of extreme poverty, freed millions from government tyranny, brought innovation to the world and has been a beacon of freedom to millions of immigrants.

Despite what is said by the news media, leftist politicians and the education elite, liberals like conservatives realize the vast majority of Americans are good people. They work hard, play within the rules, provide for their families and want their children and grandchildren to prosper. They are leery of an all too powerful central government, a system that plays favorites and the powerful crushing the weak. In many mays, liberals and conservatives are closer to each other than to leftists and the extreme right.

So why were so many liberals silent when the cities burned this summer? Why are they not calling out the evil and the lies when they come from their side of aisle? Where is the outrage as millions lose their voice on social media? Where are the voices now as the leftist push to cancel and demonize an entire voting block of 75 million people?

There seems to be two answers. One, liberals have lost touch with their fundamental beliefs and two, they are simply too scared to push back on their side.

Well, time is at hand. Get in touch with your beliefs and grow a pair. As history has proven time and time again when the left takes over, the goons come for the smart ones first. has your back. We will speak truth to power and challenge political correctness and doublespeak. Please consider subscribing. You can also find us at

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