Left Publishes Guide to Racist Language

The word “racist” is being thrown around today for any number of reasons. It seems a bit confusing for those scared to be labeled a racist to know what to say or not say. Les Fraiser, spokesperson for The Society for Safe Speech said, “Speech can be very dangerous to people, especially those that are easily outraged or are not equipped to debate varying points of view. We have provided an updated list of sayings and beliefs that are sure to label people racists.” They include:

  • “All Lives Matter.”

  • “We should respect law and order.”

  • “Left leaning protests are dangerous because of unsafe social distancing.”

  • “Vast majority of cops are good and decent people.”

  • “Black on black crime is a major problem in our cities.

  • “Autonomous zones are illegal and should be stopped.”

  • Saying any positive thing about President Trump or other Republicans (except Mitt Romney.)

  • “Antifa is a terrorist organization.”

  • “Tearing down historical monuments and defacing public property is wrong.”

  • “The protests were not mostly peaceful.”

  • “There are racists within all ethnic groups.”

  • “‘Stand up, don’t shoot’ is a lie.”

Mr. Fraiser added, “The politically correct and those that want to keep their jobs, family and friends will be best served by learning the list of racist language. We will keep it updated as we get additional insight from the main stream media, college professors, liberal trend setters and other socialist looking to use outrage to drive a political agenda and split the country.”

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